cpu usage very high after fresh windows xp install

  pharmer7 14:54 12 Aug 2010

I used DBan to completely wipe the hard drive, as I thought it was time to wipe it all. Used the gutmann method (which was probably overkill), but anyway, it worked well, and wiped it all. I then used Windows XP Home Service Pack 3 and installed this.
Note: Previous was Service Pack 2, but don't think this matters.
On installing though, everything is slow even though there is practically nothing installed on it. And I mean very slow, as in, just using Firefox or opening a folder and using the scrollbars will send it to 100%. Even clicking the start menu will make it jump to 25%.
Please do not mention viruses, spyware,etc, as I know for a fact it won't be this. It was clean even before the re-install and had no problems with speed, and I have literally just finished wiping and installed Windows today.

It is using 1GB RAM, Pentium 4 3.00Ghz and the C: drive is NTFS formatted.
It is not a problem with "smooth scrolling" on FF, as it is slow with every program.
There are no programs installed which eat up resources, so I am sure it may just be some "setting" that needs to be adjusted, but unsure where to start.
Page File History is pretty static, but CPU history is shooting up with every use. This is a screenshot

click here

If you need any more info then please say so.

  rdave13 15:09 12 Aug 2010

With the task manager open use the process tab to see which one is using up the cpu processor. It might give a clue.

  pharmer7 15:20 12 Aug 2010

It is always changing. whatever program I happen to be using at the time will send it soaring. Example, if Firefox is open, as soon as I start scrolling the bar or moving a window about, it shoots up. Likewise, with opening a folder and scrolling through contents, will send explorer.exe sky high. I don't think its a problem with an individual program, it must be some setting somewhere.

  rdave13 15:27 12 Aug 2010

I know this is a, clean, fresh install but there might be some corruption. I would be tempted to run the system file checker.
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  keef66 15:49 12 Aug 2010

Check in the bios that the CPU frequency / multiplier is set correctly. Also that the IDE channel for the HDD isn't set to PIO mode

  pharmer7 15:55 12 Aug 2010

Sorry keef66, but I am a bit of a newb, and don't really know how to check for those... Checking BIOS I know you have to press F2 at bootup, but other one, not exactly sure.

  birdface 15:58 12 Aug 2010

Under processes in Task manager if nothing is running System idle process should be showing about 96% under CPU.
That is normal any other processes using up a lot of the CPU let us know what.

  birdface 16:00 12 Aug 2010

Try device manager and see if any yellow exclamation marks in there.

  pharmer7 16:26 12 Aug 2010

Ok that seems to have worked. Looks like the Display Adapter was not installed properly. Thanks for the help guy!

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