CPU usage too high.

  crazychris 09:36 07 Mar 2008

Hope someone here can advise me. Been getting very low BT Broadband speeds, ranging from a maximum of 1.5 mb down to a paltry 340kbps at present. Rang them in India and he rang me back and with my permission he accessed my pc remotely. He says my CPU usage is 62% which is far too high and reckons that's causing the slow speed. Could he be right. Showed me all the processes in Tak Manager but said I'd to get a PC shop to delete some, or a BT service costing £25 per phne call. Can't I do it myself? Not a PC whizz so don't want to muck it all up.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:44 07 Mar 2008

click here IF you have XP - this will tell you the services you can disable if you wish. There are lots of programs set to startup which are not necessary.

If you want to list what's running, someone here can advise.

  crazychris 09:49 07 Mar 2008

Thanks. So I can disable myself, don't need PC World or anyone as he said?

  brundle 09:51 07 Mar 2008

right click in your taskbar, select Task Manager - what is using the most CPU time?

  crazychris 09:54 07 Mar 2008

Firefox is using the most, 89,976 k. Can't delete that though can I as that's our Internet Browser. Can high CPU usage affect Broadband speed then?

  brundle 09:56 07 Mar 2008

That's memory usage, not CPU time - 3rd column; click here

  crazychris 10:06 07 Mar 2008

System Idle Process is 99. Rest are mostly 0.

  brundle 10:12 07 Mar 2008

The CPU usage will change all the time - if the engineer told you the CPU usage was 62% but didn't say what was using the most CPU time the information isn't much use - the remote access software may have been using the most at that particular moment for example. Your broadband speed will be affected by the line quality and will fluctuate for a week or two after initial connection - CPU usage will only affect the speed if you actually notice the computer struggling to keep up with tasks, your typing, opening programs etc. The overall speed can also be affected by internal wiring, quality of microfilters, your broadband equipment (modem, router, ethernet or USB connection, wireless) - they didn't give you much to go on by the sound of it. What hardware do you use to access broadband?

  birdface 10:32 07 Mar 2008

System Idle process 99% is correct. So no problem there.Now what anti-virus Security programs have you got.It might be your Anti-virus running a scan or Microsoft looking for Up dates but nothing the matter with your CPU.

  birdface 10:38 07 Mar 2008

If using a Modem switch it of for a minute switch back on and leave for 2 minutes.Or try Control panel.Network connection.Right click local area connection and press repai.See if that shows any DNS problems.

  birdface 11:03 07 Mar 2008

Another thred withclick here same problem.

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