CPU usage & programs running

  Boy Zone 19:19 11 Mar 2004

Can anyone please advise?
I have a Pent 4 2.5 win XP home with 512 RAM.
I am trying to find out why when I open certain applications the PC just hangs, and takes ages to do anything. If I press Ctl ALt delete and select processor tab I have a list as long as your arm, what are these on the list and are they programs running in the background. I have minimised my msconfig to bare minium.
with just my desktop open and nortons enabled my CPU usage is 200 Mb with 312 free.
I would appreciate your advise.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:51 11 Mar 2004

Have a look at click here and his comments re startup processes.

Also check for any spyware running: click here
Spybot-S&D click here

Defrag and run scandisk.

  Boy Zone 09:23 12 Mar 2004

THanks for your commments. Yes I do have SPyware and Spybot running. But the list is still as long as your arm. I would like to know if these programs are all running in the background?
I have also checked to see if I have any viruses, and I don't, good.I have a lot of svchost.exe listed. What are these?

  christmascracker 10:29 12 Mar 2004

click here

This will help explain what they all are

  Boy Zone 18:52 12 Mar 2004

Thanks for the info.
I understand all a little bit more but, I canc't make out if the files svchost.exe, which I seem to have alot of, is good or bad!!
Can you please advise?

  anon1 19:05 12 Mar 2004

svchost is a common file but you should not have more than 4 instances of it running. click here Do you have zone alatm running? If yes make suer the xp firewall is off. Then if you want to find if za is interefering with xp swap and disable za and allow xp firewall(just to test it) I had to remove zone alarm completely as it affected my system very badly. I am not saying zone alarm is no good, it may be my configuration but I wan tthe config I have so za has gone. Now using my router which has a hardware firewall.

  Boy Zone 20:36 12 Mar 2004

Thanks for the info.
I have 6 lots of svchost.exe running, 5 with a user name system and 1 with local network. What do I do?

  Rennaissance 20:58 12 Mar 2004

i have 5 svchosts running too, but my computer is fine and fast, with 2.8 amd processor and 512 ram windows xp too. Don't think they are the problem. See which program is using up 99 % of your cpu.

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