CPU usage at a constant 100% after upgrade

  Dan the Confused 08:09 25 Apr 2004

I've recently installed a Lite-On Combo Drive (52x32x52x CD-RW & 16x DVD-ROM) and everything seems ok except that my CPU usage is at a constant 100%. My PC meets all the specifications it requires so I'm a bit lost :(

My system is AMD-K6-2 500mhz CPU, Win98, 192mb RAM, 32gb HD, ASUS MoBo.

Any suggestions?

  matt1234 09:10 25 Apr 2004

it maybe software because i dont know why a cd writer would cause it. go to msconfig by going to run and type that in and see whats running

  wee eddie 20:33 25 Apr 2004

Disable Speed Search/Fast Find

  Dan the Confused 03:04 26 Apr 2004

Don't think it's to do with any background process as everything worked fine before. I keep my PC free from viruses and spyware etc also.

I'm not running MS Office either.

Strange thing is that my system still seems to run ok, so any slow-down must be small. I would still like to be free of this problem though.

Any more thoughts would be greatly appreciated ;)

(Nothing to do with DMA either as I've checked this.)

  ened 06:32 26 Apr 2004

ctrl/alt/del - Processes should show you where the energy is going

  laith 07:32 26 Apr 2004

wee eddie,

How does one disable Speed Search/Fast Find?

  wee eddie 10:57 26 Apr 2004

Word > File > Search > Search Options . Turn off Indexing Service.

Good luck.

  Dan the Confused 19:37 26 Apr 2004

Hey, it's nowt to do with MS Office cos I don't have it!

I've noticed that since my problem started the HD light don't blink every 2 seconds like it did before. Is that relevant?

Also, could it be InCD which came bundled with it? It may be lurking in the background somewhere but ctrl-alt-del don't show it. I also installed Nero which came with it. Neither of these are run at boot-up that I can see and I always disable that option anyway as I keep background processes to a minimum (I only have a 500).

Everyone still stumped? (Cos I am)

  wee eddie 20:54 26 Apr 2004

I was just helping laith out.

Check the minimum specs for the software you have loaded. I know that the drive says it's suitable but sometimes the software gets upgraded, but not the box.

Check the size of your Swap-files. This has been mentioned as the cause of similar problems before.

However I know nothing about the subject. Use Gooogle to find out.

  Dan the Confused 19:44 27 Apr 2004

Thanks for the suggestions but I've discovered the problem was being caused by InCD which came bundled with it (CD-RW packet writing thingy software). I uninstalled it and everything went back to normal.

Of course, the problem now is is that software important and if so, is there similar software I can use instead that won't cause the same problem?

Any advice greatly appreciated :)

  the-george 20:31 27 Apr 2004

In-CD is a packet-writing tool, rewritable CDs (and DVDs with later versions)can be formatted to allow them to be written from any program, as if they were large disks or hard drives. Simply drag and drop the required data from Windows Explorer to the RW drive and the data will be saved on the medium.

You do not need this to create CDR's/RW's or to copy CDs as these functions can be carried out with other applications e.g. Nero, Adaptec

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