CPU usage ?

  ESTER 17:41 31 Dec 2006

Dear all, could anyone tell me why,in Task Manager, the cpu shoots up to 100% when only the Firewall (econceal), avast, with spyware terminator only running.I have noticed the peaks are greatly diminished for a time, after I shut-down the firewall and re-start the same.Could there be a conflict lurking in there somewhere? The high usage can last for appx' 6 to 7 seconds, is this ok.Your suggestions greatly appreciated, I am a first time poster, I think; I posted twice on this board, seemingly to no avail, both times logged in and password correct.
XP Pro, 1.6ghz, 60mb.
ps: I don't seem to be able to get any response from the search forum.

  anskyber 17:46 31 Dec 2006

During normal idling, by that I mean when the PC is just ticking over and you are not asking it to do anything what CPU uasage is recorded?

  anskyber 17:47 31 Dec 2006

Search Forum is out of action at the moment.

  ESTER 18:38 31 Dec 2006

thanks for speedy reply.
When machine idling, the usage is 0% for 6 to 7 seconds, then it goes to 100% peak for appx' 1 second. Sorry for my late reply.

  anskyber 18:45 31 Dec 2006

Peaks are not uncommon. If the high readings lasted a really long time then there may be reason to look further. If on the whole you are getting low readings at idle things look OK.

If you look in task manager and choose the processes tab and the third column across which should say CPU it will show you usage by program or process. During any sustained high usage see if you can identify any name to help pin things down.

There are things which do use CPU capacity for intermittent use eg your email client checking for email on the server.

  ESTER 18:51 31 Dec 2006

Many thanks for that;;
I'll take a look at your suggestions, the only reason i'm asking is that when on skype, the sound clarity and volume seem to drop in tandem with the high usage peaks.

  anskyber 18:56 31 Dec 2006

That's interesting, I don't have an answer but it is interesting. Skype does two way communicate when you are signed in even if you do not use it.

You could see if getting the latest version helps. It keeps all your settings after the update. click here

  ESTER 19:11 31 Dec 2006

I've just had a look at the processes, and lo and behold, eConceal firewall is going up to 100,but so is SYSTEM IDLE, when the firewall goes high, the green box in bottom right coincides, but, when it finishes and returns to zero, SYS IDLE takes up the cudgels, and proceeds to leap up to 97, but the green task manager,bottom right, stays schtum, sorry to trouble you again.

  anskyber 19:21 31 Dec 2006

System idle is used by the PC to do the things it needs to when you are not using it. Mine does the same. If you like its whats left over after the other processes have taken their bit. That is why the green box records nothing. It's OK.

  anskyber 19:24 31 Dec 2006

I must admit I have not heard of your firewall. Did you get it with your PC and how old is it?

  ESTER 19:26 31 Dec 2006

Thanks anskyber, a double for you.
Happy New Year

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