Is a CPU usage of 100% a good sign?

  K*B 18:29 16 Sep 2015

Friends, I went to Task Manager in my HP Compac Laptop and saw that its CPU usage goes as high as 100% and drops and so on. Sometimes it remains at 100% usage for so long! Is it a good sign? Does a laptop CPU ever reach 100%? What are the consequences? Thanks in advance.

  bumpkin 19:13 16 Sep 2015

Nothing wrong with it peaking at 100% as long as it is still fast enough to use, if not then you need to look at other issues.

  Govan1x 21:13 16 Sep 2015

The next time it peaks at 100% just check which processes are using up the most of it.

Usual culprits are windows updates or your security programs. If nothing running system idle process will show about 97% and that would be normal.

  bumpkin 22:05 16 Sep 2015

Have you checked the refresh rate as that can be misleading.

  K*B 10:51 18 Sep 2015

I'd been forced into Task manager to try and see why the laptop had started running too slowly all of a sudden and sometimes even hang up! It runs on MS Vista Home Basic with 2GB ram. With this amount of ram could the speed be badly affected even with some files and 1 or 2 websites still open? Pls help. Thanks.

  Govan1x 11:11 18 Sep 2015

So what programs are making it run at 100% so far you have not said. More ram might help and on the other hand it might not. It never made the slightest bit of difference on my old computer when I upgraded from 2 Gb to 4 Gb. the more web pages open the slower it will get.

What security programs do you have installed and have you deleted any lately to add a new security program.

And how much disk space have you left.

  K*B 15:37 20 Sep 2015

I have no idea what program makes it peak at 100%. I'm running AVAST Free Antivirus, and have not made any new program installation recently. However I notice my battery is damaged; it fails to charge beyond 50%. Could a damaged battery affect the CPU operation in any way? I've just gone to Task manager and found the CPU usage %age quite regularly low. Maybe it could start peaking again when it gets hot? Thanks in advance.

  bumpkin 16:34 20 Sep 2015

There is nothing wrong with it peaking at 100% as long as it is not all the time.

  rdave13 16:54 20 Sep 2015

A dying battery will affect the CPU. Remove the battery and mains. Press and hold the start switch for 30 seconds. Reconnect the transformer from the mains but leave the battery out.

  spuds 16:54 20 Sep 2015

"However I notice my battery is damaged; it fails to charge beyond 50%."

How old is the battery, because you might need to keep an eye on that, if all is not well. Make sure that all your activities are backed-up.

  K*B 07:59 21 Sep 2015

This is a newly bought battery which I put in to replace the old one which was dead. I was promised this new one would last about 2 years or so but is already dying 3 months after use. There are times when I feel the laptop has become very warm - too warm for comfort! When that happens it also becomes very slow. In fact this is the event that took me into Task Manager to found out what's happening. The CPU does not peak to 100% all the time though; I just get concerned whenever the laptop becomes unbearably too slow. Any advise? Thanx.

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