SDJ 20:54 03 Jan 2003
  SDJ 20:54 03 Jan 2003

Running Athlon 1ghz 1gb sdram, XP Home, 1x 40gb Maxtor 1 x 80gb IBM Voodoo 4 Graphics.

My machine seems to be running very slow, screensavers slow, opening display settings slow, opening programs slow.

I have IE open to do this thread and no other software, I do have Zonealarm running along with NAV and a few other things in the system tray but they dont effect it much as I have tried closing them down individually and they dont make any difference.

I could really do with some help sorting this out as it has only just started to happen and I cant asttribute it to any new hardware etc.
My temps are 44c cpu and 38 system.

Just out of interest should there be any settings changed as I have 1gb sdram in the bios, that sandra benchmarking utility suggetsed something but I couldnt understand it.

If I go quiet its because the misses is getting me to take the Christmas tree down.

Cheers all

  Elrond 21:11 03 Jan 2003

Have you installed anything new? If so uninstall it and see if everything works ok again. I had a similar problem and is was cos of summat i downloaded. Post back as soon as the missus has let you off the lead.

  cdb 21:27 03 Jan 2003

Who's using all your resources according to task manager?

  neilpat 21:42 03 Jan 2003

are you sure its working correctly?

  SDJ 21:43 03 Jan 2003

How can I copy and paste the list of processes to show you guys?

  SDJ 21:44 03 Jan 2003

How would I know if it isnt working?
I dont get any error beeps on booting up.

  Elrond 21:44 03 Jan 2003

Don't worry bout that just look at the cpu column of the list and identify which process is using a lot of the cpu

  Elrond 21:47 03 Jan 2003

let us know asap

  SDJ 21:49 03 Jan 2003

Cheers mate, I recently updated my copy of remote selector and IT seems to be the problem.
Never had eny problems with it before though so prehaps I will have to contact the guy at remoteselector.com or does anyone know anything about this?

Cheers all for your help, much appreciated.
I cant believe I didnt think of that!! My day job leaves me braindead I swear!

  Elrond 21:51 03 Jan 2003

Glad to help. So everythings back to normal now then?

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