Is this cpu upgrade worthwile ?

  grabster 22:40 13 Mar 2005

Hi, i am thinking of sticking a new cpu into my gigabyte ga-7dxe mb. would the "AthlonXP2600+(.13u)266 " improve performance much over my present "AthlonXP 2000". this is the quickest cpu my mobo will support.I have the latest bios installed "f5" so its just a case of banging one in.

  JonnyTub 22:46 13 Mar 2005

there will be a noted improvement, however memory upgrades tend to be the single biggest upgrade you can perform, how much ram do you have installed and what os you running?

  grabster 22:53 13 Mar 2005

Running xp home and only just boosted my ram to 1gb.
my only intensive use of my pc is converting the odd divx movie to a dvd format which usually takes an hour or so for a 700-800 mb file which i hope would speed up a bit with a faster cpu .

  JonnyTub 22:56 13 Mar 2005

It will be a little faster, i personally would go for it seeing as the cost of an athlon xp 2600 is relatively cheap these days.

  JonnyTub 22:58 13 Mar 2005

Me; in your position, it would definetely be a worthwhile upgrade. 1.6ghz to 2.0ghz is going to give you a good speed boost, but don't expect miracles

  grabster 23:03 13 Mar 2005

thanks for the replies.
now to find one.

  JonnyTub 23:13 13 Mar 2005
  grabster 07:05 14 Mar 2005

Thanks for the link but the 333 models dont go with my mobo.its gotta be a 266.looks like im gonna have to buy on ebay as there are plenty of them available at roughly half the price.

  [email protected] 09:43 14 Mar 2005

go for a 2500+barton athlon xp. more power and will run @200mhz with the help from some ddr400 ram!

  dagwoood 10:49 14 Mar 2005

grabster, you can get a mobile Athlon from here click here

If, at a later date, you decide to upgrade your motherboard, with some half decent cooling these can run at 3200+ speeds.

HTH, dagwoood.

  JonnyTub 16:01 14 Mar 2005

I'd agree with dagwood, the mobile athlons have some kick

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