CPU Upgrade Options/Advice

  vandango 11:26 30 Aug 2004

I am looking to upgrade my cpu and hopefully use the existing motherboard: click here

Could I please have some advise as to the best spec cpu I could use and where I could get it from at the best price?

  thin on top 12:12 30 Aug 2004

Your motherboard is only 100Mhz fsb. So the best it will take is a duron 1300 or a athlon 1400 thunderbird. Both run at 100Mhz fsb. Unfortunately they are hard to find.

You could put a duron 1800 in and it will run at 1.35Ghz. This is because it has a multiplier of 13.5, just in your specs.£31.99
click here

  Gongoozler 12:31 30 Aug 2004

Hi vandango. Any upgrade will be severely limited by the fact that this motherboard, as far as I can see from the manual, uses only DIMM memory. Although the manual says that you can use a 1G processor and faster, I don't think you will get a lot faster than that. The CPU speed is the product of the FSB speed (100MHz) and the multiplier which is automatically detected in BIOS, and is probably a maximum of 12, giving you a 1.2G processor.

The slowest Athlon or Duron you will find readily available are Duron 1.6G (but only if the memory is 133MHz) and Athlon click here
and Athlon XP2000+, which is the same speed as the Duron 1.6G.

Unless you need to keep your motherboard for its ISA slots, then really your best bet would be to fit a more modern motherboard. You can get a really good quality one such as the Asus A7V8X-X for about £33 inc vat click here
an Athlon XP2400+ for £47 inc vat click here
256M Crucial PC2100 DDR ram for £27.70 click here.

You may also need a more powerful PSU and CPU heat sink, but the upgrade will give a real speed boost. You can fit a faster CPU to the ASUS motherboard, but it will of course cost more.

  thin on top 12:38 30 Aug 2004

This may help.click here

  vandango 14:29 30 Aug 2004

Thanks for your advice. Looks like i will be upgrading m/b, thought I might have to! I'm sure to have some more questions to post shortly!

  Gongoozler 14:31 30 Aug 2004

You may be interested in the Gigabyte 7N400E-L motherboard, reputed to be more reliable than the ASUS, £40.50 inc VAT click here

Don't bother with small increments in processor speed. Unless you increase it by at least 50% you'll probably not notice any significant performance boost.

  961 14:59 30 Aug 2004

You may find a motherboard bundle a useful option with mobo, cpu and memory all pre assembled at a good price

Novatech have some good examples but most mail order companies sell them

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