CPU Upgrade for Dell 1300 Laptop

  teewhy 16:46 10 Jan 2009

Can anyone tell me where to find some info on the System Board for a Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop?
Where to find the manual perhaps?
It's a FD766System Board and at the moment has a 1.4 GHz Celeron CPU (type M I think).
I'd like to know what socket it has; what's the fastest possible CPU to put in it etc.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:59 10 Jan 2009

You cannot change the CPU in a laptop.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:01 10 Jan 2009

Even if you could change it, there would be little or no difference. Shove as much RAM in as you can, reload windows and dump all the programmes that you do not use.


  skidzy 17:03 10 Jan 2009

Without checking exactly,i think your mobo will take upto

HC186 - 2.26GHz, 2MB, 780 Pentium-M Dothan, 533FSB,

Socket 780 (M) = Mobile

  PalaeoBill 17:10 10 Jan 2009

Of course you can change the CPU in a modern laptop. You can in most makes, they are almost universally inserted into ZIF sockets. In many Dell's it sometimes involves removing the palm rest and chip coolers but in the case of the 1300 it is accessed easily via a panel from underneath.

click here

You can certainly go to a 1.7 GHz Pentium M because they sell one. I don't know how much faster you could go (will depend on cooling). You could call Dell and ask.

  PalaeoBill 17:12 10 Jan 2009

Try ebay for a 1.73 Ghz pentium M. I can see at least two listed.
GANDALF's advices is also spot on. Bang a couple of Gig of RAM in it and see the speed increase. It should cost more than £10 a Gig.

  PalaeoBill 17:13 10 Jan 2009

Sorry read "shouldn;t cost more"

  teewhy 17:55 10 Jan 2009

Thanks for this so far.
It's already got 2 x 1Gb of RAM, it's just seems so slow when booting up. The 40 Gb HDD is only 43% full
I'll certainly have a look at a 1.7 CPU.
Dell probably won't help because it's out of warranty.
But at least I know have a direction to head in.

  skidzy 17:59 10 Jan 2009

Have a look in MSCONFIG and reduce the startup programs.
Also run ccleaner Slim click here

  Totally-braindead 18:25 10 Jan 2009

I would follow skidzys advice, do a good cleanup, run something like Ccleaner and defrag the drive. I have to agree with the others about upgrading the CPU, even if it is possible the increase will not be worth it. In my opinion an increase from 1.3 to 1.7 will hardly be noticeable.

  PalaeoBill 19:33 10 Jan 2009

Changing CPU isn't usually as noticable as adding more RAM, e.g. the speed increase going from 512Mb to 2Gb. But to say it will be hardly noticeable isn't fair.
Simply switching from your Celeron to Pentium will give a marked performance increase. If you go for a Dothan the secondary cache will double (to 2Mb instead of 1Mb) and performance will increase again.
But.. as others have pointed out, it could well be just stuffed with startup processes. Launch Task Manager, look through the processes that are running, type their names into Google and find out what they are and if you need them. As Totally-braindead advises, CCleaner is pretty good and stripping out rubbish from your registry.

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