CPU upgrade.

  Al27 13:18 12 Feb 2003

Hi there,
Just a question, I have an HP Pavilion 7910 series computer, which has an 850 MHz Duron Processor, an asus VT 8363/5 KT 133/KM133 chipset and 384 MB of RAM.I recently installed a dvd/ cd-rw drive and for playing DVDs it seems a little bit of a jerky image.The resource meter says that the processor is at 100% of capacity while playing DVDS. How can I upgrade my system? I am especially interested in installing a higher speed processor if at all possible.
Any Help Would Be Much Appreciated, as I am fairly novice at all this.

  BrianW 13:52 12 Feb 2003

With an 850 Duron and 384 mb of 133 ram you should have no problem whatching DVDs. Before you go down the route of upgrading your CPU it might be useful to look at your Graphics card and DVD player software.What Operating system, Graphics card and DVD software do you have?

  Ricewind 13:56 12 Feb 2003

Hi, your motherboard has onboard graphics, a Savage S4 with 16mb of shared memory. This is not going to cut it for DVD. Upgrading the processor may not make any difference, since the graphics are stuggling to cope.

Your best bet would be to upgrade the graphics card, HP website says you have a free AGP graphics port click here so you must be able to disable the onboard graphics and fit a new card.

Your Duron 850mhz will run DVD fine, so unless you really need a faster processor for something else I'd leave it. If you still want to upgrade your cpu, this motherboard only supports a Front Side Bus (FSB) of 200mhz so only older Athlons will be compatible, if you want more info on that repost :)

I used to run DVD perfectly with a Duron 750mhz and a Ati Radeon VE graphics card.

Please check your user manual carefully, before buying anything in case I'm incorrect about the free AGP slot.

  MartinT-B 14:27 12 Feb 2003

The AGP slot will be the brown one.

Take the side of your PC off and look will be the quickest way!

  medicine hat 16:45 12 Feb 2003

I would have thought 16MB was sufficient, but the ProSavage can use UP TO 16MB so the first question is: how much is it actually using? Does System Properties say you have 368MB RAM?

It would also be sensible to look at what is going on in the background (Ctrl+Alt+Del) for programs interrupting the steady flow of data from the DVD drive

  Al27 11:41 13 Feb 2003

System Properties says 376MB.

  [email protected] 13:16 13 Feb 2003

I have just upgraded my HP Pav7845 from 850Mhz to 1.3Ghz Duron (approx £40 c/w h/sink and fan) and the difference all round is fantastic.My mobo only supports 200fsb. If you go down this road dont buy extra heat transfer grease as the h/s came pre-coated.Fitting the heatsink retaining clips to the mobo requires delicate FORCE - so be careful. I agree with other comments that the onboard graphics is more likely to be the problem.

  anthonyl 15:18 13 Feb 2003

if you want to save a couple of quid, its not worth buying extra heat transfer paste.

unfortunately, on many heatsinks, the pre installed coating is about as effective as bubble gum!

scrape off the pre coated paste and put on some real thermal compound for best performance.

  Al27 21:38 13 Feb 2003

So would my mobo be able to go to a Duron 1300 MHz?

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