CPU Upgrade

  Mike2002 22:10 10 Mar 2007

I'm not very technically PC 'savvy', but am looking for info about upgrading my CPU from a Celeron to a Pentium 3 - hoping it will give my PC a general boost in performance.

The specs of my Celeron are as follows:
Intel Celeron Model 8, Stepping 10
Socket 370
100MHz Bus
Cache 128KB

With reference to the Bus, can one go above this figure, and similarly with the Cache.

  woodchip 22:20 10 Mar 2007

I think you will have problems finding a CPU that old.You need to check Ebay

  Mike2002 22:59 10 Mar 2007

The CPU was bought with a Gigabyte motherboard in about 2003. Maplin was offering the two as a package deal. Maybe they wanted to shift them (laugh). The motherboard doesn't even have an AGP slot, so that's outdated as well. I need to upgrade both actually.

I've looked on Ebay, but the specifications for Pentium CPUs aren't exactly the same as mine; either the Bus speed is 133Mhz (which I don't think is compatible) or the cache figure is different, so I'm unsure which ones are suitable replacements.

  Totally-braindead 23:56 10 Mar 2007

Try looking at SIW click here download and run it, it should identify the motherboard. Once you know the make and model of the motherboard you can go to the motherboard manufacturers website and check the CPU support list to see what it can run.
I would like to point out 2 things though. The first is if you do find a faster processor and it needs faster memory then that may add to the cost and as has already been pointed out to you the only chance you have of getting a suitable processor is second hand on Ebay.
Look at the costs before you decide anything. You can get a barebones system for as little as £140 click here of course you need a hard drive and o CDROM as well as needing a valid copy of windows to install on it but looking at something like that might be a better idea.

  DrScott 00:08 11 Mar 2007

upgrading that would be a false economy, as there is usually a minimum price for any CPU, and you'd more than likely find a better CPU and motherboard for less money. Alternatively, you could find out if there's anyone who wants to give you what you need for free.

Personally I'd spend a bit more money and get a new system. You could get a better entire system for around £300.

  Mike2002 09:31 11 Mar 2007

Totally-braindead: The SIW link comes up as 'unavailable', even Google links, but I found the program on Snapfiles, click here
I know the Motherboard (have the Manual) it's a Gigabyte GA-6VEM series, with a VIA PLE133T AGPset.

I agree with your other comments, especially what Seriously said "upgrading that would be a false economy." I'm currently running XP Pro on 256MB RAM, which is probably just about the minimum required.

  DrScott 13:37 11 Mar 2007

Dell computers would be a better investment, though you might want to wait a few months if you can bear it for all the problems with Vista to settle done. There are many other computer manufacturers who also could do you a new system for not that great an investment.

click here

  Totally-braindead 14:56 11 Mar 2007

The highest it will take according to Gigabyte is a Pentium 3 1.4 click here and to be honest with you the speed increase is not really worth it. If it took a 2 ghz processor then it might be a reasonable upgrade depending on price but you have to find a 1.4 ghz P3-Tualatin and as has been said it would have to be second hand and to be blunt its not enough to make any real difference.
Your best option in my opinion is to do a complete upgrade.

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