CPU temps irratic?

  toon_mad 23:40 11 Nov 2008

Hi, ive just installed my Blue Orb II heatsink today, i monitored the temps with CPU core and everest, they reported at firsr an average of 28c-30c.

I put the side case on, got my sound card reconnected as i previously there was no sound. Im aware that the side may restrict airflow, but it has a Fox-1 blower PCI, a side case fan, rear case fan, top case fan aswell and now the temps are hovering around 32c-38c, which is only around 5c cooler than the stock heatsink. I hope i put enough Arctic cooling MX-2 thermal paste on (i spread it evenly with just enough to cover the cpu core).

Please dont tell me i need to take everything back out to add some thermal paste! Is it normal the temps be significantly higher now the side case is back on, even with so many other fans inside?


  toon_mad 23:45 11 Nov 2008

i just did a everest cpu stress test and the highest all cores got to were around 46c-47c after about 1min, is that ok?

i plan on overclocking this

  I am Spartacus 23:49 11 Nov 2008

I wondered when you'd be back:o). The temperatures will settle down over a few days as the thermal paste 'beds in' but not by much.

Disconnect the case side fan and the Blower fan to see what that difference it makes over around an hour.

I've tried similar fans to the Fox-1 and whilst they sound noisily impressive they've never actually achieved anything in the cases I've tried.

If the case side fan is blowing anywhere near the CPU heatsink then it will interfere with airflow. If it's lower down in the graphics card area then it probably wouldn't.

Note that the Blue Orb fan blows air down onto the motherboard rather than out of the back of the case and will heat up both the motherboard and the area around the CPU socket. This is why heatsinks that have fans blowing across and to the rear are generally more effective.

  I am Spartacus 23:52 11 Nov 2008

You need to run Prime95 for around an hour to check out high temperatures and a lot more than that to check heat build up in the case isn't causing a problem.

  toon_mad 23:56 11 Nov 2008

hehe, i keep this place busy :)

with opera open, everst and CPU core im idling around 38c-37c, which is an improvement to before, but from 28c when it first went in seems a big jump. Does it sound like i put enough paste on, i spread it lightly (you couldnt see the core of the cpu). I will disconnect the blower, may aswell disconnect the side case for now, see if there is a difference.

should i be concerned that the temps may jump way too high suddenly, or just give it time as you said for it to settle?

  toon_mad 23:57 11 Nov 2008

how do i get prime95, im on vista ultimate 32bit

  I am Spartacus 00:01 12 Nov 2008

They'll only drop a couple of degrees at most over a couple of days.

I put the tiniest line of paste over the cores for best results (see the link to the arctic silver 5 installation guide I posted in another of your threads) and let the heatsink spread it as I tighten it down.

  I am Spartacus 00:03 12 Nov 2008

Prime95 click here use the 'Torture Test'

  toon_mad 00:06 12 Nov 2008

i guess its not practical to do OC'ing yet then, will give it a week or 2 before i try that. The temps are still around 37c-38c. Guess i will see how it goes, im digging up your old link as we speak.


  toon_mad 00:07 12 Nov 2008

"use the 'Torture Test'"

thats intimidating!

  I am Spartacus 00:13 12 Nov 2008

Also try it with the case side off as well for a longish period. If it drops the temps a fair amount then there's a problem with the airflow/heat build up.

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