CPU Temps in BIOS setup

  wadham 10:43 11 Feb 2004

My BIOS allows me to set the CPU warning temp within the range 50...70c & also the shutdown temp within the range 60...75C but I have no idea what values to select. On startup the CPU temp is usually around 49C & after about 2hrs it is 53C.
Should I bother with all this or just disable?Why I ask this is because recently I am getting faint 4 tone beeps coming from within PC (not from speakers)

  keith-236785 10:52 11 Feb 2004

I would be having a look at my motherboard manual to see just what this beeping could be, if there are no beep codes in the manual, do a google search for your motherboard beep codes.

best i can do for now, but for others, please can you give a bit more info....Motherboard, proc, graphic card, Windows, anything else that you know about your system might help others to help you.

good luck

  Diodorus Siculus 10:52 11 Feb 2004

Depends on your processor; those temps are fine for an Athlon.

When do you get the beeps? At startup or randomly or when?

  keith-236785 11:03 11 Feb 2004

regarding the proc temp, an AMD Athlon is OK up to a maximum 93C (from AMD site), though anything higher than 60 i would worry about. set the maximum to 70 if you want to, it should never reach that....if you have any other proc, goto their website and search for temperature.

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