CPU Temperature Spikes

  Schmooziphisus 20:52 30 Nov 2005


I have a P4 prescott 3.0 ghz with Radeon 9800 pro and an Abit IC7-G mobo.

Over the last couple of days I have found my computer restarting while playing World Of Warcraft. After checking the Bios found my CPU temp was at 89oC where the shutdown is 90oC. This has only been occuring recently with no additions to hardware or difference in environment, does anyone have any ideas why this might be happening?

  woodchip 20:56 30 Nov 2005

Games are CPU intensive tasks, you need better CPU cooling

  Psiman 21:37 30 Nov 2005

This is way too high for a Prescott even running WoW (not that intensive). You haven't given much info. such as is this a self-build or proprietary purchase? Have you checked the obvious such as CPU retaining clip having come unstuck? fan not working etc. Any info. such as this will help with a solution.

  Totally-braindead 21:46 30 Nov 2005

Have to go with the others here its far too high and is getting to near the point where it will blow, as suggested check the fans, if they are running ok then I would suggest buying some thermal paste remove heatsink, cleaning all the paste off and redoing it. As I type this I am assuming that its not under warranty, if it is get them to look at it. If you do end up removing the heatsink be very sure to remove all the old thermal paste, if you don't you may get hot spots which could destroy the processor.

  Schmooziphisus 22:16 30 Nov 2005

Okay sorry about the lack of info, It was a self build PC where the heatsink hasn't come unclipped. I also have an extra fan for the back of the computer. And its not under warranty.

Also on the whole thermal paste thing...I know nothing about this and wouldn't really feel that safe messing round with it.

  Psiman 22:43 30 Nov 2005

Hi Schmooziphisus
Interesting. If it's self-build you must have mated the CPU to the cooler with thermal paste (I hope) Google 'thermal paste and CPU' for a reminder. Post back if you are unsure and I will give you numerous links. I'm off to bed now.

  woodchip 22:48 30 Nov 2005

When you get them new they come with a pad that just needs removel of cellophane

  Schmooziphisus 22:49 30 Nov 2005

I believe they come with thermal paste, and im pretty sure when i built this it had some there.

Bearing in mind its been built for quite a while now and only just started playing up which it would have done sooner if there was no thermal paste?

Also, The smaller fan next to the CPU (Might be an AGP one) doesn't run quite right. Its really loud and quite slow, i.e. you can see it spinning round. Not sure if this has anything to do with it, i assumed not seeing its not the CPU fan?

  Belatucadrus 23:16 30 Nov 2005

There are probably three fans you need to check, first as has already been mentioned is the CPU fan, second is the Northbridge chipset fan. I think this is the smaller one that you are referring to. Not as critical as the CPU fan, but if it's on a go slow, it may well be about to expire click here change it. Third is as you suggested the AGP fan, this will be on the graphics card and not mounted directly to the motherboard.
I do however agree with all those that have posted thus far, if your temperatures are correct and are degrees C not degrees F then they are much much too high and you need to replace the CPU fan quickly.
No, lack of thermal paste isn't going to cause high temps after two years, a dodgy fan bearing or fluff clogged heat sink will.

  woodchip 11:14 01 Dec 2005

Any faulty fans should be replaced, as first port of call

  amonra 11:31 01 Dec 2005

Addition to woodchip, change ALL the fans for peace of mind. They are a lot cheaper than a CPU !

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