Cpu Temperature Monitor.

  Dagwoood 01:20 09 Feb 2004

could anyone please tell me if there are any freeware utilities available to monitor my cpu temperature in real time.

i tried aida32 but it just gives stupid values and the only way i know how to check the temperature is to look in the bios hardware monitor option when i boot my pc but i realy want to know the temperature when my pc is working hard.

my o/s is xp pro.


  BeForU 01:26 09 Feb 2004

try this. its a program called speedfan. quite a handy program that monitors the speed of your fans in your case and also the temps of the cpu and hard drives even

click here

  Clint2 01:30 09 Feb 2004

or this click here

  hugh-265156 01:34 09 Feb 2004

if aida32 gets it wrong then in my opinion motherboard monitor,speedfan,sandra etc will also report incorect values as they will all read the temp from the same sensor/s.

aida32 reports my cpu temp 10C below what it actually is.as do the rest i have tried.

if you know the offset between bios and software readings you can adjust it in mbm5 but i wouldnt trust it click here

  Dagwoood 01:53 09 Feb 2004

thank you for taking the time to reply guys. i'll check out these utilities. cheers.

  Nosmas 02:01 09 Feb 2004

You don't state which O/S you are using. I am running W98 and clicking on Start > Settings > Control Panel then System Information, a window is displayed entitled PC Wizard eXPerience Edition with eleven icons in the left-hand panel representing various items of hardware. The last of these is in the shape of a voltmeter and clicking this shows various voltages, fan speeds and temperatures of Mainboard, Processor and Power/Aux.

Thinking about it, I rather feel that this is an extra bit of software that I downloaded sometime in the past. The spelling of eXPerience makes me think it was intended for use with XP, but will also work with W98.

Hope this may be of help to you.

  Dagwoood 02:50 09 Feb 2004

thanks for the input.

i think that the PC Wizard eXPerience Edition option you describe must be a utility you've downloaded as my o/s is xp pro and there are no options you have described available in the system info.window.

i'll try a search on google and see if anything comes up.


  [email protected] 06:35 09 Feb 2004
  Dagwoood 18:26 09 Feb 2004


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