CPU Temperature Limits

  Itchy Fingers 18:33 22 Feb 2004

Why within magazines do the authors suggest that those who wish to over clock their system make sure that the CPU core temperature does not exceed 40C?

I am running a AMD 3200+ system that has a normal core temperature of 55C to 60C and with AMD suggesting that it's opperational limit is 85C.

I ask this as my system keeps alarming if I set the alarm threshold at 60C.

  Chegs ® 19:29 22 Feb 2004

Cos if they said it was safe to 85C and someones CPU fried at a much lower level,they would stand a chance of being clobbered for compensation.

  R4 20:05 22 Feb 2004

The temperature depends on the rating of the CPU and is marked on the chip as a part of the ID. number. . If AMD say your chip limit is 85C. that is the MAX that it could safely run at but it is not recommended.

If you overclock you will get a higher running temperature but it still should not exceed the max. .would not recomend running any higher than 75% of the MAX rating of the CPU

  Paranoid Android 20:27 22 Feb 2004

There is a big difference between nominal operating temperature and what is an absolute maximum limit. 85 degrees is the temperature above which the chip will suffer permanent damage.

However it is always wise to run at much lower temperatures. This is partly because chips are more efficient at lower temperatures. It is also so that you have a good margin of safety.

For example, last summer some systems got dangerously close to their limits because the ambient temperature was so high. And of course you always have the problem of heat sinks gradually becoming clogged with dust. A processor running at 65 degrees under ideal conditions could rise markedly with a change in the weather.

Also there is considerable variation between different motherboards as far as temperature sensing goes. The temperatures reported are rarely excact.


  Itchy Fingers 19:19 23 Feb 2004

Thanks for the feedback chaps, but as I said my system core temperature appears to be 55C to 60C with a system temperature of 30C thats 50% higher than overclockers ceiling. Just in case you're wondering I also have a ultra efficent viariable speed Cooler Master CPU fan.

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