CPU Temperature

  timber 10:01 26 Jun 2003

can anyone tell me why I should be getting a message CPU temperatuee is to high when I start up.
And a possible solution to stop it from happening



  DieSse 10:07 26 Jun 2003

"can anyone tell me why I should be getting a message CPU temperatuee is to high when I start up"

Because the CPU temperature is too high, I would imagine.

You need to look into the processor cooling system - is the fan going? - at the correctspeed? Can you look in the BIOS at the PC Health section - does it show the temperature, or if the fans are going, and at what speed?

Can you tell us some more about your system please - age, processor type, speed ect.

I suggest you look inside pronto, and see if there's anything really obvious.

  Gongoozler 10:13 26 Jun 2003

timber, "CPU temperature is to high when I start up". Do you mean immediately on start-up, or after a few minutes? If it is immediate, this suggests an error in the temperature monitoring, and you need to look at the software settings. if it is too high after a minute or so, and then settles down, I would suspect a sticky processor fan that takes a long time to get up to speed and should be replaced. If the temperature rises and stays high, then you also probably need a new processor fan. In any case, you need to check on the actual temperature to see if you have a real problem.

  timber 11:09 26 Jun 2003

operating system is
windows XP profesional
Processor is AMD Athlon 1200 megahertz
system model is VIA Technologies VT8363
other than that afraid not sure
system is about 2year old not bought from dealer but made up bits and pieces.


  timber 11:11 26 Jun 2003

the only reason I noticed it was because I decided to delete a programme which required me to restart my pc and it was then I saw it but doesn,t come up any other time have tried about six times to day starting up but nothing comes up.


  timber 14:33 26 Jun 2003

Have checked the temperature and is sitting at 54C at present with system temp at 23C
Cpu fan speed is disabled as is shutdown for cpu fan.


  Gongoozler 15:37 26 Jun 2003

Hi timber. 54C is a bit on the high side, but not in the danger zone. If you have the VIA Hardware Monitor installed you can set the temperature at which it gives a warning. I think your system would benefit from a better cpu heatsink. My 850M Duron is currently running at 45C, and system temperature is 35C. I always consider a good target cpu temperature is under 50C, and with a system temperature of 23C this should be easily achievable.

  timber 17:31 26 Jun 2003

as you say looks like it will need to be a new heatsink.
thanks for your input


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