CPU temperature ?

  woofwoofbark 22:20 19 Apr 2006

Does anyone know about what temperature a CPU should be , I was looking around the net and came across ppl that said thier cpu temperature was around 35 to 50 C and was wondering if I should worry because mine is steady at around 80C (which jump up and down a degree every now and then )

I have Windows XP SP2
AMD Athlon 1400+
512 DDR
Geforce 3 graphics
and a combined 120GB of hard drive space (an 80gig and 40 gig)

I use DC++ peer2peer that uses a lot of cpu space and memory but have not had a problem so far (been using it for around 6 months or so)

Im just wondering if the 80C is normal ar something to watch ?



  Harpur 22:22 19 Apr 2006

80 degrees seems to be high. have you checked the amd website to see if there is guidance there?

  The Spires 22:27 19 Apr 2006

My amd 64 bit runs around 30-34c.

  SANTOS7 22:27 19 Apr 2006

click here
guide to max temps, temp you have stated is within the boundaries but making it run cooler would help,
might make it last a bit longer too, have you checked the fan to see if it is working properly,
a regular clean out between the heatsink fins will also help....

  Stuartli 22:31 19 Apr 2006

80 degrees C is practically at the limit for most Athlon CPUs - are you sure that the CPU's heatsink/fan is working properly or is actually up to the job?

Normally most AMDs should be operating at around 50 to 58 degrees C according to the load, although a very efficient heatsink/fan will lower these figures.

  Harpur 22:34 19 Apr 2006

went to the site and had a look and the maximum temp is 95 degrees all the same 80 seems high. may be a new cooler is called for. mine for instance a 3000 xp64 is running at 36 on a stock fan and is overclocked by 200 mhz.

  rmcqua 22:38 19 Apr 2006

I was looking recently at a statement from an AMD engineer, which suggested that the shutdown/warning temperature for your type of Athlon should be set to no higher than 70deg C. I would certainly not be happy if my CPU was running at 80C. and I think there may be something wrong with either the efficiency of your cooling fan or the thermal conductivity between your CPU and heatsink.

  phono 23:49 19 Apr 2006

If you built this PC yourself, did you use thermal grease, or similar, when installing the heatsink? If you did use it, did you apply the correct amount? Too much is as bad as none at all, a very small amount is required, too much will lead to poor heat transfer between CPU and heatsink.

  Stuartli 00:04 20 Apr 2006

By coincidence, that's the temperature (70 degrees C) that I have the Bios set to shut down my CPU if, by any chance, something goes wrong such as the heatsink/fan combination failing.

  keef66 09:57 20 Apr 2006

Is it a Hewlett Packard PC?

I'm sorting one out ATM and it's running at 80c which for an Athlon 1.3ghz is frightening me. I don't think they fitted an adequate heatsink / fan in the first place, and I'm going to try a beefier one tonight.

  Totally-braindead 12:18 20 Apr 2006

What told you your CPU temp was 80 degrees? I have found the only reliable temperature programs are the BIOS readings and to a certain degree the programs written by the motherboard company for your motherboard. If its a third party program thats saying this then check by restarting and going into the BIOS.

If you are in fact reaching this temp I would strongly recommend getting a new heatsink and fan for your CPU its far too close to blowing. 60 degrees under load would be ok but 80 is far too high.

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