CPU temp rise after adding new heatsink/fan

  woofwoofbark 06:00 18 May 2009

I bought a new computer case , ANTEC 902.

I transferred my old m/board to the case with all the components , graphics card , dvdrom , hd ...ect

The new case is brilliant for cooling the components , anyway , I decided to buy a new m/board , istalled it into the 902 and then switched everything over , including the Pentium D duel core 925 3.0ghz , I also bought a new heatsink and fan , this one ... click here.

Connected everything and the comp starts up fine , but the temperature of the cpu has jumped from mid 30's C , to mid to high 40's , almost 10C jump.

It's the first time installing a cpu , I found a guide online and followed step by step , it was simple enough in the end although I did take my time as I know cpu's are very delicate.

The heatsink paste came with the heatsink&fan and Im wondering if that could be the cause of higher temp , Im sure I applied enough paste ... or maybe I should think about replacing the heatsink fan for a zalman , click here , as Ive read great reviews about it.

Thanks for any comments.

  woofwoofbark 06:45 18 May 2009

Forgot to add a little something .... whenever the cpu rises over 50C the heatsink's fan ROARS , it get really loud and drowns out the fans on the computer case .... I read about the zalman's , that they are really quiet so I'm tempted to go for one of those.

  ened 07:01 18 May 2009

50' is a bit high but not critical.

However I can understand your concern.

You shouldn't be damaging anything because it will shut down if the temp becomes critical.

One of two possibilities: too much paste or Heatsink not seated correctly.

I would take it apart and reseat the heatsink, having cleaned off all the paste and apply only the thinnest possible layer.

For your interest I am running a dualcore pentium with the standard heatsink and both cores are running at about 37/38.

  woofwoofbark 18:50 02 Jun 2009


I have since bought an E6600 Dual Core 2.40 processor and the zalman cnps-9900 ( that heatsink is HUGE lol) and Im getting incredible temperature readings.

Just now I have firefox open , the temperature reads at 28c , wow.

I ran winrar earlier , winrar uses a LOT of cpu resources. On looking at my cpu widget on the vista sidebar , both cores were full and the temp did reach upto 44c at one point.

Considering the old Pentium D 925 temp reading on full was upto 59c , geez.

I did read the the core 2 duo's are a lot cooler but to see 28C is amazing.

Just thought I'd share tis info :)

  citadel 20:13 02 Jun 2009

you can use too much paste causing high temp, you only need a small amount spread thinly. Titan Fenrir has taken best cooler title in the custom pc mag elite list.

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