CPU temp 93 deg,s Partition Magic questions?

  u2 02:28 13 Jun 2003

Hi,my puter was cracking up so I looked at the temp in the bios CPU read 93deg, system fan speed reads 0 rpm .I have 3 fans in the case 1 on the side and back both seem to be blowing air out,should 1 be blowing air in?

Replaced the fan with another,temp now is CPU 55 deg,s is this ok,whats normal temp?.

I run Win Me tried to partition HD but the machine re-booted as normal instead of goin into DOS? Why wont it work?.

I have a 40 gb HD is it worth splitting the HD,also I had to format the HD due to problems with the CPU,can I install Win Me over the old OS instead of formating. Much obliged for your help

  Gongoozler 06:47 13 Jun 2003

Hi u2. I think 55deg for the cpu is on the high side, but not disastrously so. I prefer the temperature to be below 50deg. You need an air flow across the motherboard, and particularly across the processor heat sink. The case air is usually blown out of the case back, and sucked in at the front. If reversing your case side fan helps then do it, but it may simply create an air flow short circuit. Check that there are no obstructions to air flowing over the processor heat sink, and that there is a free flow of cool air available to the fans. If you have a very fast processor, you may fing that you need a better processor heat sink.

I cant answer your question about using Partition Magic, but if you want to boot to a floppy (or cd) and instead the computer boots up normally, your BIOS is probably set to boot first to the C drive, you need to go into BIOS and set the first boot device to whatever you are trying to boot from.

I have partitioned my 40G hard drive to give me 9G C: drive for all my installed programs, 24G D: drive for saved files and 6G E: drive for backups of the C: drive. I do this so that if Windows gets severely corrupted, I can reformat the C: drive and restore it from E: without losing my saved files. I periodically copy the contents of D: to cd.

You can reinstall Windows over itself, but depending on what the problem is, this may not help. Reformatting and reinstalling is the only way to guarantee that none of the problems remain.

  keith-236785 08:25 13 Jun 2003

Temperature depends upon which processor you are using, i am using an AMD Athlon 1800+, it runs at 54-59C well below the maximum temperature specified on the web.

  bow1 09:24 13 Jun 2003

Use the PM boot flopies to partition you drive, its faster than doing it in windows and rebooting anyway.

  u2 18:08 13 Jun 2003

Thanks for the advice ,machine s running like a dream at the moment,temp is still 55 deg,s.what kind of partitioning would you recommend?

And how do I go about it hope I dont mess it up,had enough trouble with the puter already.Cant remeber anything about PM floppies will have to re-install PM.CPU is AMD XP2000,any idea what the max temp is, cheers.


  Andsome 18:18 13 Jun 2003

I would recommend a fitting PC Doctor, it only costs about thiry odd quid. It constantly monitors three temperatures. At present in a room which is at 24 degrees the temperatures displayed are CPU 34 degrees, HDD 38 degrees, and Sys 31 degrees. The processor is a Pentium 4, 2.4 Ghz

  crx1600 18:22 13 Jun 2003

running PM7.0 on winME can cause an error, as it doesnt install winME support, an extra VFD file is required. click here

  Gongoozler 19:26 13 Jun 2003

If your computer is running ok, I don't think you should worry too much about the temperature. Running at a lower temperature would probably prolong the life of your cpu, but you are a long way from the sort of temperature that would cause damage, and the real limiting factor is the maximum temperature at which the cpu is stable, hence, if your computer is running so well, you're ok. If you want to play with your pc, then I think under 50C would be a good target.

  rubella 20:26 13 Jun 2003

i agree with Gongoozler that under 50C would be a good tartget. considering you are running an XP2000, which was one of the faster chips predating the Thoroughbred 0.13-micron core shift, in this weather 55C isn't a problem if your machine is running nicely.

  u2 22:36 13 Jun 2003

Thanks guys but I really would like to get it down to 50C as I want to play fs2002 I cant afford a new fan at this time any suggestions would be accepted.

I wonder if the mother board going belly up would have anything to do with the high temp in the CPU?

Any advice on partitioning would be accepted as well, once again cheers.

  rubella 23:48 13 Jun 2003

i would have thought without adding a more efficient fan the only way to reduce your CPU temperature by a significant amount would be to drop your core voltage a little, but don't do it!

for freebie a improvement you could try polishing/lapping the bottom of your heat sink to improve contact with the chip. i doubt that would give you the degree of improvement you seek though.

with all due respect; "I wonder if the mother board going belly up would have anything to do with the high temp in the CPU?" kinda illuminates you may be perceiving the high[ish] temp in not the best possible way. although it is high[ish], it is not outside normal parameters, and is certainly not caused by a fault on the mobo or elsewhere. your best bet would be to tweak it down a little with a better fan when funds allow.

how you arrange your partitions will be dependent on what you use your machine for. as a minimum i would suggest having one devoted to the OS because it makes the format process far easier.

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