cpu temp

  NEOSPHEAR 10:30 29 Jan 2003

Just curious as to what your cpu temperature should usualy operate at and what is a safe level to take it up to?

  rct 10:42 29 Jan 2003

Generally, the cooler the better. CPUs vary wildly in their operating temps. Some athlon thunderbird CPUs run at 50-60C as their normal operating temperature! Athlon XPs, properly cooled, run at 35-45C and Pentium IVs at 30-45C.

Overclocking is a risky business and should only be attempted if you know what you are doing and have adequte cooling, most CPUs could survive 70C but start to die after this!


  goonerbill 10:53 29 Jan 2003

not to contradict rct, it all depends on what fan/heatsink you have and other factors. amd say that athlons are ok up to 90c but have mobo alarms set for 60c. to get temps lower, i always recommend having a couple of case fans and a extractor fan and having a all copper heatsink.

  NEOSPHEAR 11:10 29 Jan 2003

my xp2100 is usualy around the 48c mark, the fan is a coolmaster Xdream with a copper cylinder. any recommendations on case/extractor fans?

  goonerbill 12:35 29 Jan 2003

have xp2000 overclocked by easytune (gigabyte mobo utility) to xp2200 running at 47c. case and exhaust fans are just general models bought at pc fair. case is PRISM multimedia computer case. came with case fan added another case fan on side panel, exhaust fan and psu has 2 fans

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