cpu temp 66c, is this ok

  jay.p 19:01 23 May 2007

my boys pc crashes intermittently ( powers off ). when i turn it back on the cpu temp is 66c
which i think is within tollerance ? can anyone confirm please?
it is used mainly for games.
could it be a psu problem?

  [email protected] 19:06 23 May 2007

i have just been shocked my my temps they all seem to have doubled, it is very warm here today. 66c is very warm, mines 32c and thats the hottest i have had it.
what is your cpu? is the heat sink free of dust, fan spinning and clean etc?

  Technotiger 19:11 23 May 2007

Hi, that temp is a little bit high, I would suspect over-heating. Usual maximum under load should not really exceed 60C, a well cooled clean pc will usually run at between 35C - 55C.

First thing is to check whether inside of case if clean and dust-free and that all fans are working properly, as well as being clean. Also make sure cables in the case are not hindering airflow too much.

  jay.p 19:13 23 May 2007

thanks for replying adman.
just put in new m/board for them, well my old one actually ,it's a 2000+ amd athlon cpu . must confess i didn't bother with new paste on the cpu as i thought there was enough on there.
very lazy since i have a tube in the draw and if you think it's running hot i think i'll try sticking a new blob of paste on it.

  Technotiger 19:14 23 May 2007

Another reason some PC's overheat is down to the actual position of the tower - I cringe when I see desks that are made with the tower position being at or on floor level, usually made worse by the desk being in the corner of a room. There should be plenty of clear space around the tower to allow good all-round airflow.

  jay.p 19:14 23 May 2007

thanks technotiger i will post back after i apply a blob of paste ( after cleaning the old off of course )

  Technotiger 19:19 23 May 2007

A definite mistake not renewing the thernal paste. The old paste should be very carefully cleaned off until there is not a trace of it left - absolutely clean, then not too much when replacing the paste.

Sorry if I am 'teaching you to suck eggs' as the saying goes - but it is such an important point.

  woodchip 19:33 23 May 2007

It's too hot, it needs to be got down to no more than 45c

  Totally-braindead 20:00 23 May 2007

My old Athlon 2500 reached 55 degrees peak under full load in the hottest weather of the summer. Its definately running a bit too hot, it shouldn't blow till about 80 degrees if I recall correctly but its probably the BIOS shutting it down to prevent damage, if you look in the BIOS you can see what temp its set at, I would not recommend raising it, instead do as suggested clean and reapply thermal compound then if its still running too hot clean out the PCs inside and check the fans, renew if necessary.

  adamcoppard 20:19 23 May 2007

Wow. I used to hit 60c idle and 75c Load with my C2D. Now changed fan settings, (running 5x faster) and got down to 29c which is fine. PC's running at more than 55c will have future problems. Also get a decent heatskin and fan.

  jay.p 20:50 23 May 2007

ok guys,renewed thermal paste and cleaned out dust ( quite a bit ). temp only dropped 4c at idle ( now 62c ).
have a brand new skt A alaska heatsinc and fan which i will install tomorrow.
think the old fan/heatsinc might be for the amd1300 i replaced so might not be up to it.
the alaska goes up to 3200+ so should make a differance.

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