CPU Temp

  simons2107 11:38 30 Oct 2007

What temp should my cpu be running at safely, i have a dual core duo with heatsink and fan and it is running about 55oc is that normal

  DieSse 11:44 30 Oct 2007

Sounds pretty normal to me.

  simons2107 11:46 30 Oct 2007

thanks, just seemed a little high

  I am Spartacus 12:26 30 Oct 2007

Seems high to me. My E6600 is running at 21oC outer core, and 28oC & 30oC inner cores at idle. It does have a better heatsink and fan than standard though. The highest temperature don't exceed 48oC under 100% load.

  keef66 13:29 30 Oct 2007

Nothing to worry about, but I thought the Core 2 duo's ran cooler than that.

Which cpu do you have? Did you install it yourself or did it come with the pc?

You could try removing it and reinstalling, being careful to remove all traces of old thermal compound before correctly applying some new. Preferably Arctic Silver.

  hyabusa boy 19:08 02 Nov 2007

hi there 55 degrees for a duel core does seem a bit high. my current system has quad core (q6600) which runs at 22 degrees celsius at idle and rises to a max 28 under load. the temp you describe was not uncommon with pentium 4 but should be cooler for a duo. has your system been overclocked? what sort of cooling do you have? is the processer fan turning? you could try and remove the processor and reaplly a thin coat of thermal compound (artic siler) and see how it goes from there. good luck !

  Devil Fish 19:16 02 Nov 2007

E6600 runs at 29 degrees idle

o/cd to 3 Ghz on stock cooling

  Probabilitydrive 20:04 02 Nov 2007

I'm running the Intels QX6700. I recently replaced the Intel stock cooler with this click here

It reduced the temperature to approx. 37 degree (using 'speed-fan')

55 degrees for a dual core is a bit high...
Confirm this temperature in your BIOS.

  I am Spartacus 20:43 02 Nov 2007

I neglected to mention that I've overclocked mine to 3.2 GHz on standard voltages with the temperatures I mentioned above.

  Mavisk 20:53 02 Nov 2007

My o/cd quad core runs at around 60 idle and up to 75 whilst gaming,and that's with upgraded cooling,when I enquired about the temps, the pc manufacturer said "It isn’t unusual for 680i chipset motherboard to report quite high temperatures. This is especially common when coupled with the SLI configuration and a quad core", and is nothing to worry about,I've not had any stability problems. At least I don't need the
heating on.

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