CPu Temerature 53c -127f

  birdface 18:32 25 Apr 2008

Try ing to find out why my comuter is running a bit slow.Cpu temp is 53c-127f any know if that is to high or just normal.Task Manager.Cpu is always running fairly high whatever is running.

  woodchip 18:39 25 Apr 2008

It will work at that but is on the edge, also what CPU would help

  [email protected] 18:56 25 Apr 2008
  [email protected] 18:59 25 Apr 2008

what's using the cpu?

  birdface 19:01 25 Apr 2008

Thanks for the reply.Unfortunately the brother has just phoned so going out for a pint.So will not find out what it is until to-morrow.Quicklook is this what you are after.AMD Athlon xp 2400+. Name Thoroubred.Anymore info I can give you to-morrow.

  Stuartli 19:31 25 Apr 2008

AMD Athlon XPs run pretty hot - my XP3200+ is normally around 50-55 degrees C (on lowest fan setting), but can reach 60 degrees C at present with the warmer weather.

Last summer it was reaching up to 68-69 degrees C, just short of my Bios "cut off" point of 70 degrees - however, the maximum temperature could reach 85 degrees C, so there is still some margin available, although I haven't sought to get too close to that point...:-)

  woodchip 21:07 25 Apr 2008

2400 would normally about 48c to 50c so it just hover, but put any work on it may push it over the edge as its not hot weather yet either

  beeuuem 21:10 25 Apr 2008

Just checked my temps with SIW. I suspect that there is a fault!

Property Value
CPU Core 0 Temperature 206 ºC (403 ºF)
HDD Temperature (HDS728080PLAT20) 32 ºC (90 ºF)
HDD Temperature (HDS728080PLAT20) 35 ºC (95 ºF)

  woodchip 21:14 25 Apr 2008

PU Core 0 Temperature 206 ºC (403 ºF)

If that was true it would not be running. Only to dumppit Site

  beeuuem 21:24 25 Apr 2008

Tried again now
Field Value
CPU 33 °C (91 °F)
That's better.

  windsock 21:28 25 Apr 2008

just out of interest how do you check cpu temp?

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