CPU Speeds these days?

  rabbitrabbit 19:34 03 Mar 2008

CPU Speed: 1804 MHz

I only use my computer for internet access, updating my ipod, and a football management simulation.

Noticed things have been a bit sluggish lately.

I fancy upgrading my RAM to 3GB to help things along, but if my CPU speed is pretty poor by todays standards, then maybe I'll invest in a new machine altogether.

Your thoughts? Will the extra RAM be beneficial? Or should I put that £100 towards a new machine.


  belfman 19:37 03 Mar 2008

click here to clear out junk. I cannot see why you would need a new machine for such basic requirements. What OS are you using?

  rabbitrabbit 19:38 03 Mar 2008

I'm using Windows XP

  Devil Fish 19:43 03 Mar 2008

for what you are using it for i would say that your current setup should be more than equal to the job you require it to do

as belfman has said a good clean up is all it may need use his link for Ccleaner a very good program indeed also a defrag may help and loosing unwanted start up items may help as well

  citadel 19:44 03 Mar 2008

another 1g of ram will be plenty.

  rabbitrabbit 19:45 03 Mar 2008

Thanks guys, I'll certainly give that a go. Sounds easier on the wallet :)

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