CPU Speed, Which is it?

  Rabi 23:27 14 Jun 2004

Bought a CPU from a friend, and though he insists he sold me an 800 mhz, on boot-up I see my procesor indicating that it is a 533mhz processor.

Used a third-party software, CPU-Z Version 1.1, from click here to check, my CPU specs, and found that the specification is listed as:
Intel Celeron 800 MHz, but under "Clocks", it has "Core Speed" as 534.6 MHz.

What processor do I have? The spec lists 800, but the core speed is 533; which is it???

Thanks, someone!

  woodchip 23:38 14 Jun 2004

you have not got it setup correctly. Ether jumpers on the MOBO or in the BIOS

  hugh-265156 23:40 14 Jun 2004

check in the bios that the FSB is set correctly maybe.

i think it should be either 66 or 100mhz.

what other info does cpuid give you on the cpu?

  hugh-265156 23:44 14 Jun 2004

this might help click here install it and run.

it should tell you what it expects your cpu speed and fsb to be set at by default.

it will also tell you what they are set to at present.

  Rabi 23:52 14 Jun 2004

Thanks huggyg71 and woodhip. Will try the install suggested by HuggyG71. But how do I do what WoodChip suggests? Complete novice, I am afraid ...

  woodchip 23:57 14 Jun 2004

try what huggyg71 say's download from the link the English version

  hugh-265156 23:58 14 Jun 2004

it may help to also know your motherboard make and model then there is a good chance that you can get a motherboard manual to download or some other info for bios settings and jumpers etc.

this click here will tell you the make and model of mobo/chipset and all the rest of your hardware. install it and click 'motherboard/summary' for all the info.

  hugh-265156 00:03 15 Jun 2004

sorry typo


  Rabi 01:52 15 Jun 2004

Went to the Everest site, can't download. The list is there with the software title, but it does not seem to be a clickable link.
Is there a problem with the site, or am I just not doing something right?

This is the link for the download:

click here

  hugh-265156 02:08 15 Jun 2004

works fine here

click the download tab and agree to the license agreement then it starts downloading ok. im on broadband though.

if on dial up give it a min to load the page fully maybe.

  Djohn 02:11 15 Jun 2004

Works for me too. Are you clicking the green buttons on the right? Not the download Icon on the left of the page. j.

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