cpu speed queery/against memory

  bananaslik 10:49 07 Mar 2004

hi guys,i have a amdxp2600 (not the thoroughbred)which i was told to run it at 133 fsb.i also have 1gig of ddr pc3200 400mghz ram,msi k7n2-delta mobo.What iwould like to know is there a minimum speed to run the mem.If i set the cpu fsb to 133(as recomended)the computer won't run,if i set the fsb to 166 (the speed for the thoroughbred) everything is ok.i have been running this comp for about5 months now & seems ok.am i o/clocking the cpu at 166 & should i just run it & hope for the best.iv'e posted before about the cpu but have just noticed that the comp won't run at 133fsb.

  bremner 11:06 07 Mar 2004

The 2600+ comes in three versions

Two 'Thoroughbred'cores one at 266Mhz the other at 333Mhz
One 'Barton' Core at 333Mhz.

click here(1224)

If you do not have a Thoroghbred then you have the Barton which means your FSB should be 166Mhz.

  bremner 11:07 07 Mar 2004

The link is http: //,/?St=4,E=0000000000134591752,K=7440,Sxi=2,Case=obj(1224)

take the spaces away from each side of the //

  bananaslik 11:11 07 Mar 2004

thanks bremner it was the shop i got it from that told me to run it at 133 if it's ok to run at 166 thats great, many thanks

  bremner 11:15 07 Mar 2004

It is OK to run it at 166Mhz if it is one of the 333Mhz versions.

To be safe download WCPUID click here and see what it reports then compare it to the AMD specs in the link I gave at 11.07

  bananaslik 11:21 07 Mar 2004

ok many thanks bremner

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