cpu speed

  LANDCRUISER 17:24 28 Mar 2008

why cant i change the cpu speed ? my pc has change the cpu speed from i.66 / 1.7 ghz to the lower speed of 1.25ghz / 1.3 ghz it used to run at the higher speed but run at the lower speed now & has made every thing much slower,it wont let me change to the higher speed & just keeps rebooting.how can i get it back to how it was.

  Technotiger 17:28 28 Mar 2008

Hmm, not sure what you mean, as far as I am aware CPU speed does not change, unless you physically change your CPU.

Do you mean CPU Usage, as in Processes shown in Windows Task Manager?

  brundle 17:30 28 Mar 2008

FSB has changed from 166 to 133 or 133 to 100. Thunderbird/Barton Athlon? More info needed - get your system specs with SIW click here

  Technotiger 18:46 28 Mar 2008

After a bit of research, I prove myself wrong ...

The frequency at which a processor (CPU) operates is determined by applying a clock multiplier to the front side bus (FSB) speed. For example, a processor running at 550 MHz might be using a 100 MHz FSB. This means there is an internal clock multiplier setting (also called bus/core ratio) of 5.5. That is, the CPU is set to run at 5.5 times the frequency of the front side bus: 100 MHz × 5.5 = 550 MHz. By varying either the FSB or the multiplier, different CPU speeds can be achieved.

  Technotiger 18:50 28 Mar 2008

Perhaps a System Restore to back to when all was ok, though I don't really know if this will affect the CPU Speed setting.

  mrwoowoo 19:34 28 Mar 2008

Have you been nosing around in your bios or your tower lately?
Some older motherboards(syntax 266A)if i remember rightly have a switch next to the cpu to alter the cpu speed.
As Technotiger says,in some bios( what's the plurel)you can alter the clock multiplyer of the cpu.Defalts are usually between 8 and 10.
If you alter the multiplyer then the cpu speed will alter without affecting memory or gpu speed.
Altering the FSB will affect all three.
Apart from these things,i know of no other way your cpu can slow down.

  mrwoowoo 19:44 28 Mar 2008

you could go into your bios and restore to default settings.
Tap the f2 key at boot up as soon as you see black screen...Once in bios you will see default settings......on exit make sure you save settings.

  LANDCRUISER 19:47 28 Mar 2008

thank you all for your feed back,sorry did not get back earlier,yes ive change the speed by going into the bios & never had a problem changing it before but because i had a big problem due to norton i decided to restore windows xp & now ive done all my updates i notice the cpu speed had change but cannot get back to the faster speed as it keep rebooting & will only allow me to start the pc at the slower speed.

  woodchip 19:48 28 Mar 2008

You have changed the clock cycle as above in the BIOS

  LANDCRUISER 19:51 28 Mar 2008

what do you mean woodchip

  woodchip 21:34 28 Mar 2008

As above in post from Technotiger

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