cpu settings have failed or been changed message.

  castiel333 00:32 10 Sep 2007


For the last couple of weeks every time I turn on my pc I get a message that says cpu settings have failed or been changed and gives me the option to enter new settings (which I do not know how to do)
or press f1 to continue.

Could someone please tell me the reason for this.

I do not know if this is relevant but at around the time this started happening spybot found some sort of firewall bypass thing.

I am running windows xp home service pack 2.

Thank you.

  brundle 00:36 10 Sep 2007

Sounds like the motherboard battery is going - does the clock keep time? The firewall-bypass warning is a common sight with Spybot, usually crops up when a third party firewall is installed and the built-in one is disabled for that reason.

  castiel333 00:39 10 Sep 2007

Thank you for your reply.

No the clock does not keep time its strange though because the minutes are always right but the hour and sometimes the date is wrong.

  brundle 00:44 10 Sep 2007

The battery is the problem - about £1 to buy, 5 minute job to replace. click here

  skidzy 00:48 10 Sep 2007

The Firewall bypass entries found by spybot sd are old hat now and can safely be ticked for removal.

Safernetworking (spybot) will not recognise these as false positives,but this may enlighten you. click here

As Brundle says,try changing the mobo battery...under £5

  castiel333 00:49 10 Sep 2007

Thank you so much for your help and the link brundle very much appreciated.

  castiel333 00:52 10 Sep 2007

Thank you too skidzy.

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