CPU Settings

  KBH 13:15 18 Mar 2005


I have had to reformat and re-install XP I have an Athlon 3000+ CPU that is only showing as as 1.29 does anyone know the right settings for the CPU multiplyer in the bios please.

Thank you

  daxian 13:32 18 Mar 2005

hi kbh....
according to a chart i have from amd ,the multiplier should be set to 13x for the athlon 3000+ ,and the speed reported will be 2.166.
hope this helps .....

  dan11 13:36 18 Mar 2005

the 3000+ comes in two variety's. The 333Mhz and the 400Mhz fsb's.

With it running at 1.29gig, it would suggest it is the 333Mhz barton. there should be no need to adjust the multiplier, these are usually automatic. Just change the fsb to 166Mhz. This should bring the cpu up to 2.167Ghz. The clock speed of the 3000+ 333Mhz barton.

  dan11 13:37 18 Mar 2005


  KBH 14:32 18 Mar 2005

Thank you very much for your expert help the frequency setting was at 100 and the multiplyer was as dan11 said 13, I changed the frequency to 166 and it is now properly recognised.

Wonderful thanks again.

  dan11 14:41 18 Mar 2005

Now you will have a bit more speed. Glad you have it sorted.:-)

When something is resolved, it is customary to put a tick in the resolved box, if you don't mind. Thanks.

  Lead 18:17 18 Mar 2005

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I wasn't aware that formating a hard drive and reinstalling the OS would effect the BIOS? Surely, the setting must have been wrong in the first place.

  KBH 19:03 18 Mar 2005

Lead- yes you are right the cmos was reset to default when our main circuit breaker tripped and cut off the power to the house then I couldn't get into the OS, it wouldnt let me do a format or repair each time it just came up with a screen that windows had had to close to protect my computer.

In the end I found an old WME start up disk and deleted the partition when I got it up and running again I noticed the remaining problem. Its a couple of years since I installed the system I could'nt remeber the right settings.

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