CPU seems strange...any advice????

  westdudes 11:07 07 Feb 2004

i have a intel p4 hyperthreading 2.8ghzcpu. I use the heatsink and fan that came with the box....i've noticed that since i bought the cpu the temperature of the cpu has slowly increased.

after looking at cpu ive noticed someblack marks on it and on the heatsink....maybe its the black pad thing thats on the heatsink first off melting onto the cpu...but too be honest im no expert in that sort of thing because i have never noticed it before.

is that normal????i've watched people on overclockers.co.uk (their videos when testing cpu's) they use, well, it looks like glue being put on the cpu before thewy put the heatsink on...i'll be honest i've learnt to build computers via resources on the internet so i'm not a big expert so any advice i'd be greatful..

cheers :)

  Indigo 1 11:38 07 Feb 2004

What sort of temps do you get ?

You did use the thermal compound in between the heatsink and CPU right ?

  westdudes 11:56 07 Feb 2004

uh oh....me daft,,,,nvr used the thermal compound.....ill get sorted....u can tell im new to this lol...anywayz no desperate damage dun at moment....thanks for that...btw avarage temp 35c

  Indigo 1 12:04 07 Feb 2004

Also check theres no plastic filmm on heasink or CPU (might be a bit late now if it's melted).

hi there
i don't know a great deal about pentiums (being a cheap ass athlon user) but i would say that you should never use the fans that come with processors cos they tend to be quite rubbish. you could try getting a decent fan, they're only about a tenner or so, coolermaster make some really good ones quite cheap.
also don't use the thermal compund that comes with processors or fans, get some decent stuff. it comes in syringes and only costs a couple of punds from ebuyer or a fiver or so from maplin.
hope it gets sorted!!!!

  Indigo 1 13:02 07 Feb 2004

Yes but anyhting is better than nothing ! right ?

  westdudes 18:04 07 Feb 2004

figured out that the problem wasn't as bad as i first thought....under the pentium heatsink (the one thats provided with the cpu) on the part that attaches to the cpu itself.....there is a thin black strip...i have no idea whether it should be there but i garantee there is nothing on the intel instructions that came with the cpu which says remove it so it assumed it should have stayed on...anywayz i have put thermal compound on it now...the temperature is down from 40c to 33c and thats even whilst overclocking by 30% so it ok....but just a question if anyone knows what mean about the heatsink (the black type thin strip on the metal part that is placed directly over the cpu) should that be kept on?or should that be taken off...i left it on....temperature was fine but to make sure i used thermal compound as one guy advised on here. any thoughts???

  Rayuk 19:32 07 Feb 2004

The plastic was just for protection of the surface of heat sink thermal compound without it it would have stuck to anything it came into contact with.

  mosfet 20:21 07 Feb 2004

I've fitted the same cpu.The black square is aluminium with a mat black finnish.It's similar to pads that are fitted to heavy diode's and thyristors...so I just fitted as is.My cpu runs at about 37º....Les

  westdudes 10:20 08 Feb 2004


my cpu was running at same temp until i added thermal compound..then went down to 31c...then i started overclocking so it went bk up :P only 37c whilsy at 3.4ghz...wont go any higher without becoming unstable because at moment theres only 512mb dual ddr ram :O

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