CPU running at 100%; but no programs running

  p;3 11:34 29 Oct 2006

one of my machines has an extremely noisy fan and, if I merely run a simple scanning program such as adaware , I am up to 100% on the cpu and the machine seems to freeze; I am assuming that the fan could be the cause of this?

  Belatucadrus 11:45 29 Oct 2006

High CPU load, noisy fan and system freeze would seem to be an overheating problem, but I think you need to pinpoint the noisy fan. If it's the CPU fan and the noise is new, then it's probably got a bearing that's about to kick the bucket and needs replacing ASAP. If it's a case fan that's making the noise, then replace it by all means, but the problem may lie elsewhere.
Whatever the cause it sounds like a spring clean inside the case while you check out the fans would be a good idea.

  p;3 23:32 29 Oct 2006

its getting a new fan and sort out next week ; if it still wont play ball with the scans its gonna get a log thrown at it

  woodchip 23:14 31 Oct 2006

Think youare getting mixed up with 100% if you look Ithink you will see that it says IDLE by the 100%

Freez could be you need a new CPU fan, as above overheating. GET ONE FAST before the CPU goes boom

  p;3 02:21 01 Nov 2006

having managed to get back on line ( for how long remains to be seen); the machine has had some attention this evening and i will try it out later to see if woodchip is right;however, it seems that more maintenance may well be needed

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