cpu removal

  akaray 14:57 29 Mar 2008

i was trying to remove all the components from my sony vaio tower

PCV-RX590G is the model number of this pc.

this computer is giving me a headache. I'm trying to study for the A+ certification and i'm trying to learn how to disassemble and reassemble a PC
as quick as possible, but i'm running into problems with different pc cases (secret buttons to press to remove it sometimes) and different types of cpus seem to be locked into the motherboard. i can't find any latch or switch or lever or screw to remove. there's a fan on top of it and a heatsink under it. But i don't see any screws to remove it. except the screws to remove the fan? there's two black little handles on the side, but they're not levers. i tried moving it and realized it wasn't a lever, after the plastic black handle poped off, all i saw was a big metal heat sink underneath the fan. there's no handle.

i need HELP. i wish i had a digital camera to take a photo of it, but i don't. can anybody help?

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  woodchip 15:04 29 Mar 2008

The fan as to come of first, screws that have half turn or a Clip through the Heat sink on to little plastic hooks, you nee to take care when removing if it is going to be used again then most CPU's have a plastic leaver at the edge of the socket that just lifts vertical

  akaray 15:13 29 Mar 2008

figured it out finally. freaking annoying cpu. who designs this s**t? any tips i can get to prevent future cpu or computer disassembling would be very appreciated and A+ study tips too.

  €dstowe 15:13 29 Mar 2008

If I ever had a computer which needed its CPU to be removed, I would consider the whole thing fit for nowhere except the bin.

If you really do want to remove the CPU (and not its fitments - heatsink and fan) the best way to approach it is to build a machine first, or at least look at a building tutorial, to learn how the thing holds together. You will then have a much better idea how to dissemble it.

There are lots of tutorials available via Google - just tap in: build your own computer or similar.

  akaray 15:17 29 Mar 2008

what i did was remove the fan, and then i start to slide the metal switches forward, and then the heat sink popped out it has a cpu chip on the bottom of the sink. the difficulty involved with removing cpus and all the customized weird switches and hidden latches to remove parts. if you have any tips for me to avoid future headaches. would really appreciate it. is there a site showing the different types of cpus and how to remove them or any other sites showing how to disassemble pc parts that are difficult to remove?

  Cockney Rebel 15:22 29 Mar 2008

This may be of use to you.click here

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