PC NOVICE 23:55 11 Apr 2004

I was thinking of upgrading my system and I am usually fine with ordering everything i want but its been a while and I was looking at cpu's and I counld.t figure out the difference between the following.

Amd Athlon xp2600 t'bred.
Amd Athlon xp2600 barton.

Both are listed as socket a and 333mhz but i just wondered if it was just a performance difference or is there any hardware variations to consider.

Many thanks


  AndySD 00:00 12 Apr 2004

The Barton will be faster. But your motherboard/RAM may not support it.

  orlandogreenback 00:03 12 Apr 2004

The bartons also run much cooler.
My two cents...

  cjbm77 00:05 12 Apr 2004

Thanks Andy...So when I am looking at the specs on the motherboard what am I looking for to determine which board is for barton or not...and i guess if the mobo fits the barton then the ram will be ok anyway.....

or am i just thick...or tired....


  tony1160 00:18 12 Apr 2004

difference is the thra cpu will give clk 2088mhz with a 333fsb and 256L2cash---whilst the barton has a 512L2cash and 1917mhz clk speed as only on mulit x11.5 and 333fsb. so if your board takes 1 of them it will take them both (or neither)

  cjbm77 00:25 12 Apr 2004

Thanks for that it was just that most mobo's were saying socket a but some only or also said socket 462 and this stumped me.....so what your saying is that as long as I buy a socket a mobo, with say 333mhz then not matter which variation I buy of amd athlon as long as it is also a 333mhz cpu and is not over the highest limit for the mobo then it will all fit anyway......

  tony1160 00:31 12 Apr 2004

as long as the mobo support 333fsb (most socketA/462)support 400fsb they will fit nicely,,be sure to get a good heatsink and fan >>the barton core athlon,is a better cpu and can be clkd to run like the xp3200

  cjbm77 01:14 12 Apr 2004

Thanks tony your a star.....Chris

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