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  Corticarte 19:39 09 Apr 2008

Hey firstly i would like to say thankyou for looking at my post... now i would like advice on the best Processor my PC can handle i have suspision that it could be AMD 64 4000+ but not entirely sure. Here is my motherboard Specs from SIW program.

Version: 1.0

Chipset vendor:ATI Technologies Inc
Chipset Model:RS480 Host Bridge
South Bridge:IXP SB400 PCI-ISA Bridge

CPU:AMD Athlon 64 3200+
CPU Socket:Socket 939
Processor Upgrade:
Max CPU Speed:3000MHz

System Slots:3 PCI

Memory Summary:
Location: System board or motherboard
Maximum Capacity:2048MBytes
Memory Slots:4
Error Correction:None
Use:System Memory
Maximum Memory Module Size: 4096 MBytes

Warning: Accuracy of DMI data cannot be guaranteed.

Above is exactly what is shown if you could reccomend the best processor for me that would be fantastic dont worry about price etc... just the best one that it supports and if its really worth upgrading to it or not.

Also maybe this will help my memory (RAM) installed currently is 1.5GB 1GB stick and 512 stick... PC3200 DDR400 type.

Ok i think i have told you everything that you need to know if more is known then dont worry just ask me and i will post update asap.

Thankyou very much for reading and any reply you may give me...

Yours Faithfully Shaun...

  Corticarte 19:58 09 Apr 2008

Hey sorry for double post i dont know how to edit my last post i noticed this processor is 939 pin does this mean my PC can use it? :\

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Processor ADA3800DAA5BV - 2.0GHz, 1MB Cache, 1000MHz (2000 MT/s) FSB, Manchester, Dual-Core, OEM, Socket 939, Processor

I saw it at..

click here

thanks again...

  MAT ALAN 20:00 09 Apr 2008

Fastest cpu for that socket is Athlon FX60 and Opteron 185 . Both are essentially the same device with 1 exception, FX60 has unlocked multiplier, meaning its bit easy to overclock . Opteron185's multiplier can be adjusted down for overclocking (lower multiplier, raise fsb)

  Corticarte 20:02 09 Apr 2008

wow such a fast reply, thanks a lot MAT ALAN! is it true that i need to change my OS from XP home to another one if i am going to be using dual core? also will any 939 pin CPU work on my mother board?

thanks again :)

  MAT ALAN 20:11 09 Apr 2008

click here

should answer your question. also

the 4200, 4400, 4600s will fit your MOBO and are probably a bit faster than the FX60, problem is finding them....

  Corticarte 20:18 09 Apr 2008

thanks for the link just read it good information cleared it up for me :)

Now what you have told me is that my PC can hold pretty good processors i wasnt expecting it to be able to be compatible with processors in that price range to be honest, i thought with it being a few years old now as its COMPAQ PRESARIO 1619UK that it wouldent upgrade much i think £300 is a little out of budget for me at present due to a processor of that magnitude i wouldent need the power. What i was looking for is a decent dual core processor which is going to see significant speed changes from my current Athlon 64 3200+ i'm sorry for keep asking questions i just dont want to choose the wrong processor as i will most probobly going to order from the internet from abroad so its cheaper as United kingdom is really expencive... thanks for your help again.

  MAT ALAN 21:45 09 Apr 2008

click here

not sure how much faster this is but certainly in your price range...

  Jim_F 21:48 09 Apr 2008

Unless you're using software that is dual-core aware or run lots of software at the same time then I don't think you will see a significant speed boost on the basic dual cores (4200+ etc) as the clock speed of each core is at most only increased by a small amount. The 3800+ looks like the same clock speed per core as you have now.

I'd also ask you to bear in mind that the dual cores require a lot more cooling which may be quite difficult given the small form factor of your board.

  MAT ALAN 21:49 09 Apr 2008

Sorry!! me idiot it's socket AM2 not 939...

  Corticarte 16:42 10 Apr 2008

ok i read your posts and i do sometimes have 4-5 applications open at any one time plus i would like to boost the startup and shutdown of my machine... so you saying there isnt really any point in upgrading to a new CPU? as i wont see significant difference?

thx again guys i appreciate this a LOT! :)

  Jim_F 21:50 13 Apr 2008

Sorry for the delay in replying:

It depends on what the applications are doing - you can check this with task manager (cntrl-alt-delete) - usually the background stuff is only a few percent of load - if you're not maxing out your current CPU except on one app then dual core isn't going to help unless that app supports it.

My experience is thst startup and shutdown won't be affected.

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