VID1973 21:26 24 Jan 2008

Anyone any suggestions why my cpu is hitting and then hanging my pc when i try to start a low spec game???

64MB graphic card need
pentuim 3
memory 256

i have the following

help !!!!

  Ashrich 22:51 24 Jan 2008

Usually these things are caused by overheating or a patch might be needed from the games web site . If the processor fan is slightly misplaced or a bit clogged up with fluff and stuff it can make a huge difference to the temperature . Another thing to look at is running a memory checker , just in case one of the sticks of memory is a bit dodgy , oh , and another one to be aware of is the power supply , is it man enough for the job ...


  VID1973 06:59 25 Jan 2008

I am running new highend games such as crysis and currently play COD 4 and i have no problems whatsoever with these games????

  keef66 10:24 25 Jan 2008

If you can run Crysis, then it's nothing to do with the ram, psu, cpu or graphics card.

I'd be asking the game publishers if there's a known problem / patch.

You could also try playing it in compatibility mode.

You should also try uninstalling then reinstalling the game

  n1ghtwalk3r 10:36 25 Jan 2008

By Processor
AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core (1)
AMD Turion 64 x2 Dual Core (9)
Intel Celeron Mobile (3)
Intel Core 2 Duo (48)
Intel Pentium Dual Core (3)

Is this laptop fast or very fast good to buy adivse please which one would be fastest i heard intel core 2 duo is fastest chipset please visit link bellow:
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  keef66 12:17 25 Jan 2008

can I suggest you start your own thread if you want people to see it.
Core 2 Duo is your best bet at the moment.

That's a good spec, but I don't know if you could get more for your £800 elsewhere. I'd recommend you buy a copy of PC Advisor and look at their top 5 laptop charts.

  keef66 12:26 25 Jan 2008

I've had a quick Google and it seems you are not alone in being unable to play this game on a pc which exceeds the min requirements by a mile. No fixes though.

I'd be wanting a refund.

  VID1973 18:27 25 Jan 2008

Have u ghot a link for the google responses please???

  keef66 15:58 26 Jan 2008

search for the game on Amazon.com (not .uk)and read the reviews there

  VID1973 19:42 27 Jan 2008

IS MY CPU OVERHEATING??/,,,50 degrees???

  MCE2K5 20:31 27 Jan 2008

"IS MY CPU OVERHEATING??/,,,50 degrees???": No, Mine is exactly the same Temp.

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