CPU Problem

  carper 19:02 18 Dec 2007

I have been downloading a Video complete with audio using a programme Movie Plus 5 which has a CPU usage indicator. After about 20 mins the indicator is on red almost all the time and it is dropping frames at an alarming rate until it grinds to a halt.
No other programmes are running and I am downloading to an external hard drive.
I am running XP Home SP2 with 300 spare Gig on the hard drive and 640Mb memory. Is this a case of my processor getting hot or is it on it's way out??. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Regards Carper

  brundle 19:21 18 Dec 2007

Downloading or transferring or converting? USB or Firewire external drive? Transfer to internal drive first if possible. Either your CPU can't keep up or the data can't be transferred quickly enough.

  carper 19:58 18 Dec 2007

downloading by firewire to external drive.
My internal drive is a bit limited for the length of the video. Regards Carper

  brundle 22:04 18 Dec 2007

Sounds like a lack of CPU power then. Downloading from what source? Is there any conversion going on, if you can disable it just to transfer the data then allow your PC to tackle conversion later on you might have more luck.

  Les28 23:09 18 Dec 2007

Is it Serif Movie Plus5 you are using? I use it myself.
Did you say the external drive has 300GB spare? Have you always had this trouble, have you ever been able to capture to the external drive?
Is it DV-AVI you are capturing from a mini dv camcorder? Your external hard drive has been formatted for NTFS file system and not FAT32 file system?
With FAT32 you can't have a single file larger than 4GB and in 20 minutes with DV-AVI you would have captured about 4GB, whether it's as simple as this I don't know.

The other things I do when capturing is I have the drive defragged first, disconnect from internet, switch off windows updater, firewall, anti-virus, disable all items in start-up tab of msconfig, reboot, I even remove the clock from running in system tray.A bit more RAM might help as well, or could you just save 20 minute blocks of video and join later?

  woodchip 23:30 18 Dec 2007

If your Internal Hard Drive is limited this may be your problem as It will need lots of room to use as a Swap File When you are doing what you are doing. You need to buy a bigger drive and fit it as Slave

  carper 10:13 19 Dec 2007

Thanks for your replies.
No conversion going, on just a straightforward download from camera
Les 28
Yes Movie Plus 5 but a new user. The external drive captures fine as far as it goes and I am capturing in AVI. You might be onto something with the file system, it is relatively new and the maker recommends fat 32 to be able to use older files. I'll change that for starters as I have no Fat 32 files or programmes myself.
Your suggestion of cutting out other programmes seems very valid.
My main HDD is not that small, I have around 30gig spare in that.
I will try all your suggestions and post back
Thanks to all, Regards Carper

  carper 15:03 19 Dec 2007

Success. Les28's suggestion of NTFS instead of Fat 32 did the trick. 55 Minutes of video without a dropped frame and the sound is perfect.
Thanks to all. Regards Carper

  Les28 16:35 19 Dec 2007

Glad it worked, good luck with the video editing, Les.

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