CPU Problem

  Mark5001 16:21 02 Jul 2004

Hi all. I have just purchased aan Asrock K7S8X mainboard. On this is an Athlon 3000+. The problem I am getting is that if I set the jumpers on the board to FSB333 the computer wont boot. In the bios the max frequency I can get is 248MHZ. Can anyone tell me what the settings should be. Also my memory DDR333 is showing as 166 is this a correct setting. TIA

  Gaz 25 17:14 02 Jul 2004

max freq. should NOT be


It should be 166 ONLY.

  Gaz 25 17:15 02 Jul 2004

166 is the correct setting for 333 processors.

  Gaz 25 17:15 02 Jul 2004

well most...

and your memory is correct.

  Mark5001 17:35 02 Jul 2004

Hi all
Thanx for the quick response. I was under the impression that a 3000+ runs at 2.2GHZ but mine runs at 1733MHZ. Is this correct.

  Mark5001 17:38 02 Jul 2004

Oh forgot to add. This speed is on a jumper setting of 266MHZ. If I change the jumpers to 333 the computer refuses to boot at all!!!

  Mark5001 09:36 04 Jul 2004


  Dorsai 09:49 04 Jul 2004

166 should be the correct setting, as 166 times 2 is 332 (which is almost 333). My atlon processor has a bus speed of 266, and i have set the FBS to 126, anything above and it won't POST.

it seems, IMHO, that atlons use a muliptyer of 2, to boost the FSB up.

  Dorsai 09:53 04 Jul 2004

Another point to remember is that atlon model numbers (EG XP3000) do NOT refer to their speed in Mhz, so if you are trying to get your CPU to run at 3000Mhz it wont work..But then you are probably already aware of this, grandma and sucking eggs etc.

  rickf 10:18 04 Jul 2004

Hope this helps. It should be running at 2.17Mhz. I think its as follows 166x13. My 2.8 is running at 2.08 which is 166x12.5. If you can't get the right clock speed it could be due to hardware jumpers not set correctly or M/b or CPU is faulty.

  Mark5001 13:28 04 Jul 2004

I have tried all of your good advice.As Dorsai says in my BIOS the setting is 166 and the mobo jumpers are set at 266, 'cause if I put the jumpers to 333 the blooming thing will not POST.
(hair leaving scalp at an alarming rate).Anyhow I'll mark as resolved so many thanks to all of you.

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