CPU Overload?

  Hearst555 22:14 09 Aug 2004

I recently posted that I has a problem with my Sony Vaio RS-222 PC. The problem is not in the software but with the PC itself. The computer usually beeps and flasing its LED when it processes alot of information. I used the SiSoftware Sandra program to check the system and I believe that the system is overheating. It gave me a report that the CPU is operating (AMD Athlon XP 2800+) at 77.5 degrees centigrade and the cpu fan is running at 4561 rpm. What is the normal running temperature and fan speed while running a computer and what ways I could cure this problem? Many thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:19 09 Aug 2004

Sisandra is a little inaccurate when reporting temp and fan speeds as does not use exact probes for your oard MBM5 (motherboard monitor 5) click here is alot more accurate

  woodchip 22:24 09 Aug 2004

Its all the heat that we are getting at the moment, do not know what to offer for a suggestion other that wait till the sun goes down. You could try it with a desk fan pointing at the laptop also make sure that it is on a hard surface not on soft furnishings so air can get out of the vents. If necessary stand it on something at the back of laptop so air can get underneath

  Hearst555 22:24 09 Aug 2004

Thanks for the link. I have a check.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:33 09 Aug 2004

place two ice box coolers (the sort you put in freezer) in plastic bag to (stop water / condensation) rest laptop on top to keep cool do not block air vents.

  Hearst555 22:42 09 Aug 2004

Thanks for the tip, but it's actually a desktop pc. I just installed MBM 5 and it's dangerously high, 86 degrees celsius. Any other suggestions?

  woodchip 22:43 09 Aug 2004

That's as good as any advice. So long as the water does not escape

  Chegs ® 22:43 09 Aug 2004

77.5°C is way to hot for an AMD CPU,depending on where you do your reading,its either 85°C or 95°C that will kill them dead.As to getting its temp down,in a laptop I haven't a clue,as the components in a laptop are very closely grouped together so there is nowhere to add extra cooling.If the other's suggestions dont get a large drop in CPU temp,I suggest you cease using it(at least until this heatwave ends)

  Chegs ® 22:48 09 Aug 2004

Oh,its a desktop! In that case,follow some of the suggestions made for my PC in this thread.click here I got my temperatures down by 10°C approx.

  jonnytub 22:49 09 Aug 2004

being a desktop pc maybe you should inspect your internals for dust build up. Obviously the hot weather lately is gonna affect it but i doubt to the degree you say. Clean any fans, dust etc, try and see how it operates with the side off and a desk fan blowing over the components. Or install another exhaust fan.

  woodchip 22:57 09 Aug 2004

Get some of the muck blown out, leave the side of and get a better fan on the CPU

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