CPU Mystery

  Throttleup 12:26 14 Mar 2006

Hi there,

Running a 3.4Ghz P4 Windows XP 1GB RAM system and when it sits at idle it appears to be using 39-43% of the CPU. Looking down the processes they were all at 0 with the occasional going to 1. Is there any programs that can help me detect what's running or anything.

I saw one suspicious file called hs.exe and on closing that the cpu went to normal i.e 0% on idle. It seems to start up everytime. Could anyone lend a hand?

Also on a side note, windows xp sometimes reports that there is a duplicate name on the network. However there is only one account and it's mine. Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 12:32 14 Mar 2006
  keef66 12:48 14 Mar 2006

Suggest you run some antivirus / malware programs.

I run AVG, Spybot, Adaware and A-squared. All are free.

A-squared is particularly good at trojans.

If the software finds but can't remove something in normal windows mode, it will sometimes be more effective if you start in safe mode.
Sometimes things lurk in the system restore; you may have to switch it off and lose your restore points to dispose of some nasties.

  keef66 12:54 14 Mar 2006

HS.exe appears to be 'Home Site', part of the Cold Fusion software. Apparently has problems with SP2 and windows firewall. Look here
click here

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