CPU monitor

  steve263000 13:59 09 Dec 2010

I have purcashed a new netbook, (a Sony Vaio) and on the whole it does what is supposed to do. But I have put on the screen the CPU monitor from windows gadgets. This shows that the main monitor runs right up to 100% at start up and then back down again fairly quickly.

But the smaller monitor stays on about 60%. Is that normal? I have one on the laptop I use at home and that is at about 35% or so usually.

Also can I change the wallpaper on these small machines? I have a few photos in I would like to use but the normal left click and use photo does not seem to be there. Is it because they are windows 7 starter?

  GaT7 15:22 09 Dec 2010

About the wallpaper query, yes you cannot change it due to a Win7 Starter limitation - a list of these can be viewed at click here.

However, tweakers out there often find ways around some of these restrictions, like click here to change wallpaper. G

  Bris 17:08 09 Dec 2010

The smaller monitor shows the % of the PC memory that you are currently using and this depends on whats running and how many windows you have open. You can reduce this by closing a few windows but as long as you keep it below 90% all should work OK. Its there so that you can monitor your usage of the available memory and when the % gets near to 100% you can either take action to reduce usage or add more memory. 60% is fine.

  steve263000 10:00 10 Dec 2010

As usual in the forums the answers come quickly and efficiently. So a big thanks to crossbow and bris for the information

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