CPU Keeps Overheating :(

  Multi_sheep 22:13 13 Jun 2007

Hello and Thankyou for taking the time to read my post!

Over the pass few days, my PC has started to, without warning, blow and turn off. Being a rather modest PC user I'm not really that techinical with computers and I thought it was the fuse, but then I started to get error messages when I started up my PC, It stating that my CPU was over temperature. I am able to resume with general web browsing, word etc but anything that requires a modest amount of power (Gaming, Editing/rendering, Photoshop), it blows and turns off.

I opened the PC up tonight to see if it was any of the Cooling or Fans but they seem to be in working order.

I have a Pentium D 945 3.4Ghz CPU with a 12v CPU cooler, 450w PS and a large fan at the back of my case to cool the entire inside space.

Is there anyway I can speed up the fans?

Is there anything I can do to diagnose the probelm?

Any help at all will be gratefully appreciated!



  SANTOS7 22:17 13 Jun 2007

Could be the heatsink full of dust/fluff that sort of thing, could just be that it needs a complete springclean, especially as you say the fans are working..

  Strawballs 22:36 13 Jun 2007

I had a problem on my daughters machine cutting out, so I took the side off and took the fan off the heatsink and it was full of dust, cleaned it out and took out the PCI cards and graphics card and cleaned them of dust with a soft brush and anywhere else that was dusty and she hasn't had any trouble since.

  Quiet Life 22:44 13 Jun 2007

It would seem that as the machine is not that old it is not a build up of dust. Most system and CPU fans are now designed to speed up as the temperature rises. Speedfan is a free utility that not only lets you adjust the speed of the fans it reports the temeperatures of CPU,System and harddrives. With it you can monitor the actual temeperature at which the computer cuts out. The CPU has a built in cut out to protect it but it should not get to that temperature in normal use. click here
Youcan download speed fan from this site.

  Stuartli 22:49 13 Jun 2007

Does the system have a front case fan?

This will help to pull cool air into the case (fans normally have the air flow direction marked with an arrow).

You should also ensure that there is plenty of space around the case itself; being stuck in a corner under a desk is not, for example, the wisest location...:-)

  keef66 10:48 14 Jun 2007

Is it the cpu or the gpu overheating? It's harder to spot a failing fan on the graphics card since it faces downwards

  Multi_sheep 21:35 14 Jun 2007

Thanks for all your replies and I have cleaned the inside of my PC, I haven't touched the heatsink (I gather that the steel cylinder under the fan and above the cpu). How would i go about cleaning the inside of that?

I downloaded the CPU/Fan software and Its giving me a reading on 70C and is displaying a 'firey' symbol next too it where the others have ticks, I only assume that means its still far too hot.

Its also saying my AUX is alittle over temperture too but not near the extent of the CPU.

Once again, thank you all your replies and I hope someone will answer my new query!



  Totally-braindead 21:42 14 Jun 2007

The heatsink on the CPU can stay where it is initially. Most CPU fans screw on to the top of the heatsink with 4 screws, undo the 4 screws and thats it, brush out any accumulation of dust, reinstall the fan with the 4 screws remembering to plug it back in and try it again.

You could take off the heatsink and fan on the CPU totally, remove the thermal paste and refit it in case its a hot spot thats developed. If you do want to consider that I'm sure someone will give you a link to pictures or a video of the process.

One thing I would like to clarify. You say it blows and turns off. You do mean it switches itself off and not that it keeps blowing the fuse in the plug cos thats something different.

  Totally-braindead 21:44 14 Jun 2007

Mistake in above post, if you do remove the CPU heatsink and fan you need to remove all the thermal paste but you also need to renew the thermal paste before refitting it. Without thermal paste it will just become worse than it is at the moment.

  Totally-braindead 21:50 14 Jun 2007

Just read your earlier post. You have cleaned the PC you say, but are the fans still running ok. Only ask as you haven't mentioned it.

  Strawballs 22:13 14 Jun 2007

I cleaned the heatsink of my sons machine today as it was rebooting for no reason it took me about 15min's as said earlier 4 screws fan off softbrush with the vacume cleaner tool near (not too close) to catch the dust as it comes off fan back on 4 screws back in and side back on, and oh yes forgot to say had to remove PSU as the fan is under it on his one.

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