Up the CPU but keep the rest ?

  Derek 13:39 14 Jun 2007

Well that's it in a nutty shell. My self-build is stable and most reliable so I thought I might up the CPU to make it go faster and I don't want to change anything else really.

So this is what I've got;

Solten MB SL-75FRN2-RL
Socket 462 Sempron. SDA 2400 DUT 3 D
1 gig Memory.
Pair 80g HD's.
Win XP Pro.

From time to time I have to hang about and I feel certain that I could improve matters with some help from you experts.

  Diemmess 13:50 14 Jun 2007

"My self-build is stable and most reliable."

Beware if you disturm what is clearly working well.

I don't want to decry your idea but merely altering the CPU will make little difference. Other factors like the motherboard chipsets and archictecture will limit what you can ultimately achieve.

  keef66 15:05 14 Jun 2007

Just visit the website of the mobo manufacturer and look for cpu support; it should tell you the max cpu it will take. Beware though that you could end up spending quite a bit of money and see little or no difference.

What do you plan to do in the few nanoseconds you might save? Are you a fanatical gamer? (Sempron 2.4 computer says no!) Do you spend hours encoding video?

Because you say it's a self build, I suspect like me, you just like tinkering for the sake of it.

I'm still attracted by the idea of building a system based on one of the cheaper core 2 duo cpu's and then overclocking it. Have a Google. The E4300 for example will go from 1.8 to 3.0 ghz using the stock cooler, and give you £300 performance for £85. As a Yorkshireman I find that quite an exciting prospect

  Derek 15:21 14 Jun 2007

Thank you Keek66, you've guest it...I just want to open up my life a little !!! I find you last para re the E4300 very exciting and I admit to being a bit of a tinkerer since I'm convinced that all things can be improved.
Bit of a sadist really because I never mind when things (anything) goes 'pear-shaped',,,another opportunity to fix things.

Kindest regards Derek Miles

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