CPU issue

  Harold the 2nd 16:48 05 Jun 2006

I have a quite odd problem, and it goes as following.

I start warcraftIII to play it, and then when I entered battle.net (an online webserver from warcraftIII) and want to alt+tab out my computer is going to start to lagg, it starts ussing 100%CPU, I looked at the task manager in order to see what the problem was, and the procces that used 100% is a program called spoolsv.exe, I tried deleting the program but it gave me an acces denied error.

now I stand clueless upon what to do, so any suggestions would be taken in graditude.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:52 05 Jun 2006

spoolsv.exe is a Microsoft Windows system executable which handles the printing process to your local printers. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.

Note: spoolsv.exe could also be a process registered as a backdoor vulnerability which maybe installed for malicious purposes by an attacker allowing access to your computer from remote locations, stealing passwords, Internet banking and personal data. If unaccounted for, this process should be removed immediately.

Determining whether this process is a virus or a legitimate Windows process depends on the directory location it executes or runs from in WinTasks.

Run your Antisptware programs to see if you have this problem.

  Gongoozler 16:53 05 Jun 2006

spoolsv.exe in C:\Windows\System32 is an essential part of printer management. If it's taking up too much of your compuer resources perhaps there is something that is using the printer spooler unnecessarily. Have a look at some of the comments here click here.

  SANTOS7 16:56 05 Jun 2006

go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services and stop the Print Spooler. Turn off the printer. Now go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS and delete any files you find there, turn printer on again it should clear the error message, turn printer off before restarting game..

  Harold the 2nd 16:57 05 Jun 2006

not sure what is ment with the antispyware, I don't think I have that.

  Harold the 2nd 17:00 05 Jun 2006

there are no file in C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS

  SANTOS7 17:10 05 Jun 2006

few things to try..
click 'end process tree' on spoolsv.exe in task manager.

try changing the settings for the printer to print directly to the printer rather than spool jobs. To do this, select the Properties for the printer in question, select the Advanced tab, and then choose "Print directly to the printer.

try updating drivers.

  DrScott 17:15 05 Jun 2006

changing the priority of the process. In task manager, go to processes, and right click on spoolsv.exe and set a lower priority. That may help.

  Harold the 2nd 21:52 05 Jun 2006

that doest seem to work either

  Totally-braindead 21:55 05 Jun 2006

Antispyware programs Adaware click here and Spybot click here both are free just remember to update them.

  woodchip 22:13 05 Jun 2006

Six from top click here

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