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  JConcept4 11:26 18 Jan 2007

I've got a Acer Aspire T135, its only a budget computer which i've had for a year. Want to start upgrading bits now, i've started with the graphics. Got myself a Gefore 6600GT which seems to be working spot on, next is more ram and then i'd like to upgrade the CPU.

Im running a Sempron 3000+ 1.8ghz (socket 754), what CPU do you think I could upgrade to without changing much else. Im not sure what the motherboard is but can find out tonight if that helps. Looking to get something around 2.4ghz if possible for gaming, do you think this would run ok.

Would I need extra fans fitting if i upgraded the CPU or could I just get a good heat sink.

Thks for any help or advice, top site going here for people like me who are just starting out with modding.


  Gongoozler 11:49 18 Jan 2007

As far as I've been able to ascertain, the motherboard in your computer is a K8VM800MAE made by Gigabyte for Acer. The generic K8VM800M motherboard is here click here.
The supported CPU list says that you can go up to an Athlon 3400, although Acer may have disabled some of the BIOS options.
In my opinion you will see little improvement in performance by changing from 3000 to 3400, although changing from Sempron to Athlon may give a performance boost due to the larger cache in the Athlon.

  chub_tor 11:51 18 Jan 2007

I agree with Gongoozler but just about the only place you will find a Socket 754 Athlon is ebay.

  JConcept4 11:54 18 Jan 2007

Just had a look at the list and it says a Newcastle Athlon 3400 is ok, these processors run at 2.4mhz which would be about what im looking for.

Am I right thinking that this cpu will be compatable with my mbo.

Thks for the quick help,


  Gongoozler 12:56 18 Jan 2007

Hi kingcreech. If the Gigabyte site shows the processor as compatible, then it probably is, but as I said earlier, the motherboard you have is modified in some way for Acer. The modification is probably only cosmetic, such as displaying an Acer logo at boot up, but without any definite documentation to tell us we can only guess. You may be able to find out from Acer customer support at click here.

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