CPU heating up 40C in idle and 70 in full load

  Hescara 13:54 07 Mar 2014

Hello PCAdvisor, I have a problem, my cpu is heating up very fast and I can't find what causes the heating. My specs are the following: Motherboard: Nf4am2l CPU: amd athlon 64 x2 5200+ GPU: Msi 5670 512 mb PSU: Floston fl500 500wats(brand new) HDD: Seagate 250gb Ram: 4 gb ddr2 800mhz I tried everything, I am sure the heatsink is placed how it's supposed to be placed(it's a stock amd heatsink). It's dust-free and I don't know what to do. Temperatures while idle: 40-45 each core Temperatures while 50% load: 60-67 each core Temperetures while 100% load: passes 70 and if i stays like that for 1-2 minutes it closes. Even watching a video and installing/downloading something heats up the pc to 65 degrees. THe pc closes itself at 70 degrees and even playing let's say dota2 or skyrim and it closes in 5-10 minutes. I don't have the latest BIOS version, is that the cause of heating up? I even tried putting the pc in the coldest room and it still heats up, the temperature just goes down my 2-3 degrees if I do what i said above. I will apreciate any help at all, and sorry for my english, I'm not a native english speaker.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:23 07 Mar 2014

Did the heatsink come with a heat pad or have you applied heat transfer paste such as artic silver

  Hescara 14:43 07 Mar 2014

The heat pad is placed properly and I did place thermal paste 1 month ago and it good enough. I am sure of that because someone who is much better at pcs verified it and he said it was allright and now we are all out of ideas.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:52 07 Mar 2014

Cpu fan running? and in right direction?

case fans running and in right direction?

  Hescara 15:35 07 Mar 2014

Cpu fans are running after 35 degrees, so pretty much anytime with about 3000rpm,they are spinning clockwise. I think this overheating began when i replaced my old single core cpu(yea ancient stuff) with dual core.

  Hescara 15:43 07 Mar 2014

Yes it came with the cpu.

  Hescara 15:44 07 Mar 2014

Should i try putting my old cpu in there? If yes will the paste on the heatsink be enough?

  Hescara 16:00 07 Mar 2014

It was a little quantity of paste in a pad. It is a big difference sinced i had a single core amd athlon 1.8 and now i have dual core 2.5. Before i couldn't even watch a video on youtube on 1080p without skipping frames.

  Hescara 16:10 07 Mar 2014

It was a pad with little paste in it so i don't have any left now, i threw it away a couple of months ago. The paste on the heatsink is very little so i guess i won't try to put that cpu at least until i will find it. The previous cpu was a single core 1.8 and now i have a dual core 2.5 and it makes a great difference. My pc just stopped again and i had just chrome+ avast! antivirus and the only tabs i had on chrome were just this and reddit. I think i'm gonna try the previous cpu and see if the temperatures drop.

  Menzie 17:42 07 Mar 2014

I had a similar issue although that was upgrading from a quad core to an octo core CPU.

I used my old cooler in this case which was a liquid one and my CPU was hitting temps of 41+ when idle, watching a movie it would raise to 50 although it never actually shut off.

In the end after checking everything and seeing everything looked fine I ended up getting a new aftermarket cooling kit which works a treat.

Now my CPU is around 37-41 while using the PC and I even tested an overclock. Even then it got nowhere near high temps when I pushed it 500MHZ over.

Try an aftermarket cooler and see if it helps in your case.

  nickf 18:30 07 Mar 2014

Also bit suprised your system is cutting out at only 70 deg C . I would certainly recommend replacing the heatsink and thermal paste . As a stop gap you could try ' lapping ' the heatsink . I did mine and got a 5 deg C temp drop .

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