CPU getting seriously hot within seconds

  X™ 17:54 25 Oct 2009

Hi. My mum brought hime a computer from a collegue and asked me to take a look. It was shutting itself off.

I had a look and it cut off after a while and I check temps which were 95c!

The CPU fan wasn't spinning fast at all and was very noisy.

It is a very odd CPU, it's a P4 3.00GHZ, the same that was in my laptop, it is very small.

It had a weird heatsink & 80mm fan.

I replaced this and used a thermal sticker (would not recommend, it is SO sticky, but it is getting stupidly hot.

By the time you are in BIOS it is at 87C. A second later it's at 95.

It really is that hot, if you switch it off and touch the CPU it burns you.

Any ideas on this? I have no spare CPU to try, I have come to the conclusion it has had it.


  Paul-1379466 18:23 25 Oct 2009
  X™ 18:39 25 Oct 2009


But I'm a bit confused, I don't think Arctic Silver will do anything really, it's getting too hot too quickly.

Thanks though.

  I am Spartacus 18:42 25 Oct 2009

Maybe the heatsink isn't making proper contact with the CPU?

  X™ 18:43 25 Oct 2009

I've got thermal pad stuff from PC world, it is making a very strong contact.

  X™ 18:49 25 Oct 2009

I'll try some thermal paste I have somewhere.

  mooly 18:58 25 Oct 2009

I would say it's either the CPU that is suspect or a faulty motherboard... maybe excessive voltage etc to the CPU.
Perhaps the fan problem has been a contributing factor, you say it is noisy... and poor cooling has fried the CPU over time leading to failure.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:10 25 Oct 2009

A P4 Prescott should run at approx 55C
a Norwood at 30C

Clean the crap off the cpu properly before applying Artic silver click here

  BRYNIT 19:15 25 Oct 2009

I think I read somewhere that too much thermal paste, or the heatsink is not securely fastened could cause overheating.

  X™ 19:18 25 Oct 2009

I thank you guys.

I bought this thermal tape from PC World because I was lead to believe it was the new stuff all singing all dancing stuff.

It's absolutely useless.

It really is.

I've found some cheap old paste in a drawer and the temps without fan are down to 66c.

I have no Artic Paste but I have wet sanded the top of the processor and the heatsink to get them flat. I am going to apply more paste and see how it is. Then I will shop tomorrow for artic paste.

Then I will email PCWorld customer services and Akasa and tell them how absoultely useless their product is.

Thank you.

  X™ 20:15 25 Oct 2009

Sanding down the HS and CPU sorted an extra 15C out!

Thank you v. much for all your help1

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