CPU Full

  lagoth 10:51 30 May 2011

A box keeps comming up showing CPU full. im not sure how to fix it. My laptop has two harddrives the system one is showing full. i have taken off programs and it is still showing full. Any ideas thanks people. :)

  bremner 10:59 30 May 2011

Can you clarify

The CPU is the processor - is the computer saying this is running at 100% ?


As I think - Do you mean your hard drive is full?

  lagoth 11:05 30 May 2011

The CPU is full and also the system drive is full. Ive allready checked for viruses and i can find nothing.

  bremner 12:01 30 May 2011

This is probably just terminology but a CPU cannot be full, it does not store anything, it can be 100% in use.

If this is the case then you clearly have something causing the problem.

You say you have checked for viruses. Can you tell us what AV you have and whether you also have any Anti Spyware / Malware programs.

What size is the hard drive and how much is used?

  lagoth 12:10 30 May 2011

I use bullgard. and the system drive is 60Gig and i have 2 gig left on it. this is the system drive where programs are saved to. my other drive is the same but it is not full. My cpu was never 100% before this it was 20%. A box that says windowns scurity CPU keeps comming up. and ive never seen it before and it wont close and after a while the computer shuts down.

  bremner 12:12 30 May 2011

Windows System Security is rogue antispyware software - this is the infection.

I will find a link for removing it.

  bremner 12:14 30 May 2011

Click Here - Does this look like what you are seeing?

  lagoth 12:16 30 May 2011

Nope all my firewall and malware is protected.

  bremner 12:21 30 May 2011

Sorry have we cross posted or are you saying that the Windows Security box does not look like that in my link.

  lagoth 12:26 30 May 2011

Nope it dose not look like that. the box that comes up is diffrent.

  Graphicool1 13:09 30 May 2011


When you say...

"it dose not look like that. the box that comes up is diffrent"

Are you referring to the box itself or the contents or both?

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