CPU frequency not recognised correctly by BIOS

  ChrisDE 09:00 04 Jun 2005

I've just added a AMD Athlon XP 2000+ (1667mhz) to an ABIT NF7-S2 motherboard. When I boot up the BIOS shows it at 1050mhz with an FSB of 100mhz. If I change it to 133 or 166 the system either hangs or fails to boot up at all. I've updated the BIOS but it still won't give me the option to manually change the speed of the processor.

Should I just accept that it will only run at 1050mhz or is there something else I need to consider?

  961 09:26 04 Jun 2005

Check the voltage settings in the BIOS

You'll need to establish which processor you have

Model 6 (Palomino) runs at 1.75volts

Model 8 (Thorobred) has 2 xp2000+ codes
DKT3C runs at 1.65 volts
DUT3C runs at 1.6 volts

Model 10 (Thornton) runs at 1.6 volts

  dan11 10:04 04 Jun 2005

Are you absolutely sure it is a 2000+. If it is, then it should have a multiplier of 12.5 and not 10.5 to give you 1.667Ghz. The speed of 1.050Ghz suggests it may be a 1600+. The fsb should be 133Mhz.

Other things that can come into account is the memory speed. You say you have upgraded the cpu. What was the speed of the old cpu and the memory speed. If you have a lower memory speed and the spd ratio is not altered, this may default the cpu fsb back to 100Mhz. Ineffect you may be trying the boot the system with the wrong memory speed. If the memory is only 100Mhz and you are trying to boot it at 133Mhhz. This could be why it is locking up and defaulting to 100Mhz.

  ChrisDE 13:23 04 Jun 2005

My kids PC was playing up and I narrowed it down to the MB. So I decided to order a new one and at the same time go for a better processor and memory for mine. I installed the MB and then switched processors - put the new one in my PC and put my old one in the kids machine. Now the kids PC originally had a 1400mhz AMD Athlon which I put back in after changing the MB. That also was recognised by the new BIOS as 1050mhz and if I altered the FSB speed I had the same results. I thought it might be that the BIOS didn't like the CPU and decided to swap it with my old one which is the Athlon XP 2000+. Now I'm sure that that is what it is because on my PC the BIOS recognised it and displayed both the CPU details and speed correctly.

As this problem has occurred with two separate processors I thought the common denominator was the BIOS. I flashed it with the latest and still the same response.

961 mentioned voltage but is that likely to be the reason that both CPUs were recognised wrong?


  dan11 14:08 04 Jun 2005

Ah. So you have had both cpu's in it. A 1400 athlon will run at 133Mhz X 10.5. This may be why it is defaulting at the 10.5.

I would switch the machine off, remove the power plug and clear the cmos via the jumper.click here Yours should be the lower one. Place the jumper on the clear position for a minute and then back to the normal setting.

Boot the machine, does it recognize it as a 1.25Ghz or 1.667 ghz now?

  ChrisDE 14:14 04 Jun 2005

Thanks Dan11. I actually live on Borneo which is 7 hrs ahead of UK. I'll try this tomorrow but have already had to clear the CMOS a number of times to get it to boot again after I changed the FSB although I only did it for a second or so each time. I'll reply tomorrow.

  ChrisDE 14:58 05 Jun 2005

I've tried clearing the CMOS for longer but no change. I looked at the CPU voltage but the BIOS only gives this to you as a percent with it being defaulted at 0. I increased it to +6% but also no change. I then tried changing the memory to DDR400 but still no change.

  dan11 15:15 05 Jun 2005

You must have the settings in the soft menu wrong.

They should be not jumpers on the board and everthing configured through the soft menu. Do you know the speed of the ram ie 2100, 2700, 3200 or 4000. Also is the ram eec ( error checking) as this is not compatable with this board.

I'll have a quick look at the soft menu.

  dan11 15:25 05 Jun 2005

Is this your soft menu?

Could you tell us your settings for

brand name


system performance

fsb frequency

cpu interface

memory frequency

  dan11 16:14 05 Jun 2005

Sorry, Is this your soft menu? click here

  ChrisDE 12:53 06 Jun 2005

memory is 2 * 512mb PC2700


Brand Name = AMD Athlon (tm)
Frequency = 1050MHz

System Performance = Optimal
FSB Frequency = 100 MHz
x CPU Interface = Optimal
Memory Frequency = Auto
Resulting Frequency = Auto
x Memory Timings = Optimal
x - Row-active delay = 5
x - Ras-to-CAS delay = 2
x - Row-precharge delay = 2
x - CAS Latency = 2.0

Power Supply Controller = System Default
x - CPU Core Voltage = CPU Default (+0%)
x - DDR SDRAM Voltage = 2.60V(Default)
x - LDT Voltage = 1.600v(+0%)
x - AGP Voltage = 1.50v

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